Our mission

Today, in June 2014, J.A.C.K. is taking care of 39 chimpanzees and of 3 bush babies. Since J.A.C.K. started its action in 2006, 45 great apes have been seized by the DRC authorities and handed over to the NGO. Among these, 4 didn’t make it (JAK, TOUZO, IKIA), 1 died of a birth defect (SANTA) , another of  cancer (KALA) and 1 was flown to Kinshasa  to join others of his own kind at the bonobo sanctuary of Lola ya Bonobo: CHIBO, the bonobo.

There are 18 females aged between 2 and 10 years….


…and there are 21 males aged between 1 1/2 and 13 years old.

males chimp.2


The aim of our sanctuary is not only to provide a safe place for these confiscated orphans and to give them the chance to go back to the wild again one day, but it was also created to stop the illegal trade of chimpanzees throughout Lubumbashi and the Katanga Province!

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