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Joma looking at the wrong place

PICTURE OF THE DAY – the keeper apparently managed to hide the enriched botlle well as Joma (right) is searching for treats somewhere else!

Luna, a good mom to baby Mata

PICTURE OF THE DAY – moments of love and tenderness: young Luna (left) hugging baby Mata tight Luna arrived at JACK in 2011 and was so young she even couldn’t walk!
Today, she has become a little mom, a point of reference to baby Mata in order to make him feel good and well.
Both orphans have been rescued by JACK from the horrible bushmeat trade. Both have seen their family slaughtered in front of their eyes. Poachers aren’t scrupulous and just kill to get as much money out of this as possible and, unfortunately, most african countries don’t act and aren’t even aware their so unique wildlife heritage is disappearing in a glimpse of an eye… too bad…too sad!!!

Rosie wishes you a good day!

PICTURE OF THE DAY: Rosie: wishing you a beautiful day!


Tongo loves cardboard boxes

PICTURE OF THE DAY – cardboard boxes enriched with yummy pieces of apples had been displayed on the different playgrounds of the chimps this morning. After eating the hidden treats, young Tongo didn’t want to tear the box and is now (two hours later!) still playing with it!


International Women’s Day

March 8/ INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY – Happy Women’s Day to all our friends and especially to the ladies who work at J.A.C.K. : Maman Angeline (= surrogate mom also in charge of the kitchen), our volunteers Julie, Anne & Sandrine and Roxane (co-founder of sanctuary).

journée de la femme

Yannik collecting fresh leaves

PICTURE OF THE DAY – keeper yannik collecting fresh leaves for the morning enrichment of our hairy friends


Lynn having breakfast

PICTURE OF THE DAY – best way to have breakfast for Lynn!


Africa & Ekolo

PICTURE OF THE DAY – young female Africa (left) hates pictures and alsways runs away when she sees my camera. But I finally managed to get a picture of her when she was groomed by little Ekolo!

africa (2)

hunting for honey with Jeremy

PICTURE OF THE DAY – Papa Jeremy is teaching baby Mata how to use a stick to get honey from the fake termite mound

jeremi & mata

so happy to see the sun shining again!

PICTURES OF THE DAY – a wonderful sun shining this morning which brought a lot of excitement among the orphans since the gloomy and rainy past days had kept them indoors most of the time! All the chimps were happy this morning and also enjoyed their playgrounds enriched with hidden banana-tree-trunks and freshly cut leaves!

rain sun