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J.A.C.K., a cohesive team

J.A.C.K. is a cohesive team motivated by a shared goal: to provide these chimp orphans rescued from the busmeat trade with the best care and with loads of Love!


heavy rains, bad flu

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – it has been raining for days now and the chimps have flu. Thanks to our team, the chimps are getting all the care and attention they need. Today, before they all get their warm tea/milk, it’s Papa Jeremi who is giving the chimps their different medications (cough syrups, antibiotics, vitamins) mixed with honey…

enrichment can be fun to the team too!

PICTURES OF THE DAY – enrichment is crucial for our hairy friends but it also seems to provide great fun to our team. Papa Ngoy (left) is showing Papa Jérémie how to fill up the holes with the syringe and, of course, as usual, Ngoy brought a note of humour when initiating Jérémie into that kind of enrichment!

Ngoy & jeremie

nearly 80 % reached!

Yes, dear Friends, thanks to the wonderful kindness of four more donnors, our fundraising is now reaching about 80% !



Many thanks to Cherie B, Kelly J, Marie-Odile R and to Carole R for their wish to help us in these tough times. Angeline’s progress is positive and she still needs 3 more sessions of physiotherapy. Doctors say she’ll be able to come back soon at the Sanctuary… so let’s keep our positive thoughts going on and let’s pray she’ll be completely OK very soon!!!

Maman Angeline miraculously survived

J.A.C.K. is taking care of 39 chimpanzee orphans and does its best to give its boarders the best. But J.A.C.K. cares  also about its team and their families. J.A.C.K. is a group of people who all work together for the same purpose: the survival of an endangered species. The friends who follow us know about Maman Angeline: she has been working with us since the criminal fire that killed both JAK & TOUZO. Angeline, 8 years at J.A.C.K.

Today, we have sad news to share: Maman Angeline got hit by a bus and was left for dead on the side of the road. Luckily kind people lifted her carefuly,  drove her to my place (she whispered our address in their ears) and I brought her urgently to hospital where a team (doctors, surgeons) was waiting for her.

Everyone was impressed: the terrible shock the young woman had  had should have killed her but no fractures, no internal haemorrhage, no deep wounds, …

Covered with contusions and wounds, Maman Angeline is a miracle-girl and we all wish her a speedy recovery, courage and patience. Her body is extremely sore, she doesn’t feel well and she can’t use her left leg because of the pain. She will probably need physiotherapy.

Please, send all your prayers and positive thoughts to Mata’s surrogate mom.

Thank you for Maman Angeline,



many thanks to our J.A.C.K. team

Dear All,


Today, 1st of May, is Labour Day, and we wish to thank our team which works every day at the sanctuary in order to give the rescued orphans the best.

Serge and Pierre are the two people in charge of our green house:thanks to their hard work J.A.C.K. provides fresh vegetable to its boarders! Maman Angeline works in the kitchen: she cleans, cuts and prepare the food for the chimps. Augustin, Eddy, Marcel, Pierre and Mike work directly with the chimps: they feed them, observe them, provide care but also security, and they also keep their night quarters and outdoor playgrounds neat and clean….

J.A.C.K. team


MERCI beaucoup à vous TOUS! Many thanks to the 8 of you for your daily dedication to the chimps, Franck and I are very happy to work with you all!


Roxane/ J.A.C.K.

thank you for your donations

YES! Several of you kindly responded last week to our appeal regarding the purchase of new strong rubber boots for our caregivers.

Many thanks to the friends below who donated:

Alain Schepkens (50 usd), Kelly Jackson (50 usd), Catherine Mollineaux (100 usd), Christine Cichetti (100 usd), Wanda Harris (25 usd),  Elianne Eychenne (30 Euros), Mathilde & Sébastien Moro (30 Euros), Laurence Duthu ( 10 Euros), Hakim Boudjemaa (20 Euros), Véronique Tessier (40 Euros), Florence Vernadat (40 Euros), Carole Vida (5 Euros), Florence Cazanobe (50 Euros), Maire-Odile Revel (100 Euros), Hilde Olbrechts (40 Euros), Martine Gossot (20 Euros) et Marc Heydens (25 Euros).

Thanks to your wonderful participation J.A.C.K. will be able to offer its caregivers very strong boots and buy extra good things for the chimps & galagos such as fresh apples and oranges coming straight from Zambia and South Africa … We’ll update very soon with pictures of the different things we can buy thanks to YOU all!

Again many thanks for the team and the boarders of our Sanctuary!

Roxane & Franck/ J.A.C.K.

works continue at J.A.C.K.

Yes, dear Friends, works continue at J.A.C.K. ! Remember, we started the construction of new night quarters for the nursery group.

nursery facility


nursery facility

In addition to the building, we started fencing  the open air area of this new nursery enclosure.


Because everything must be ready before the coming rain season (end of october), the complex looks like a hive of activity: wheelbarrows are workers are to be seen all over the place: some at the building site, others at the green house!!!


Paul (left) working at green house and Thomas (right) building nursery facility

Thank you” to all the workers we currently have to improve our sanctuary!

Your work is important and really appreciated!








Meet our team (4)

Dear All,

A new chapter today related to the two founders of the JACK Sanctuary: Franck & Roxane.

Franck & Roxane

Franck & Roxane

Aged of  5, Franck was already  dreaming of Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Orang-Utans and spent all his childhood in books on wildlife, Africa, Asia…

Born in France, he mostly lived in Spain (Madrid) where he started  vet studies. But because  his family moved to Belgium, Franck  didn’t have the opportunity to continue his veterinary training  (Belgium didn’t recognize the Spanish diploma) and therefore studied Business Management.  

Since the early beginning, Franck knew he would work for the  survival of Great Apes and when he met Roxane, it was a sign one of his dreams was going to be fulfilled….

Franck with Wanza (left), Shasa & Jacky (right)

Franck with Wanza (left), Shasa & Jacky (right)

Yes, Roxane was born in “Zaïre” (now called DRC). Her family had moved from Europe  to the Congo after World War II following the steps of a great-great-uncle who had settled in the former Belgian colony as a missionary at the end of  the 1890’s.

Belgian, Roxane left Africa for some time to study in Brussels. She studied French, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Russian and in addition started Hotel Management. But life in Europe wasn’t easy especially for someone who had lived in Africa before…

Roxane with Maïka & Santa (right)

Roxane with Maïka & Santa (right)

When Roxane met Franck, they both decided to go to the DRC. They had job opportunities in the companies owned by Roxane’s  family and that’s how their dream of going to live in Africa came true 16 years ago…

Some of you already know the rest of the story as seeing chimpanzees for sale on the streets  of Lubumbashi intensified Franck’s determination to stop this horrible  trade. Expats  were buying young apes (pets) while so many other baby chimpanzees transited through Lubumbashi before crossing the border to Zambia, South Africa…

April 2006 - JAK coming into Franck & Roxane's lives

April 2006 - JAK coming into Franck & Roxane's lives

On April 6th 2006, baby JAK entered the lives of these two wildlife lovers and the assassination of this same baby made the decision of protecting Great Apes (especially common chimpanzees) in the DRC even more  stronger.  Baby JAK hadn’t died in vain: his short stay with Franck & Roxane had increased their passion for these endangered creatures as well as their willingness to fight for their survival. It is with this love and rage that both Roxane & Franck managed to cope with the sad departures  of  babies JAK & TOUZO.

September 2006 - JAK gone, TOUZO between life & death, 3 baby chimps surviving

September 2006 - JAK gone, TOUZO between life & death, 3 baby chimps had survived the blazing fire: Shasa (left), Bachi and Chita (Roxane arms)

Today, 4 years later, Franck is the president of the J.A.C.K. sanctuary and is in charge of the financial department, the improvements of the complex (constructions), works with the authorities, medias, etc.  Roxane is the secretary and deals with the personnel, supplying/stocks, the vet department, education, … Both are volunteers. Any donation, sponsorship goes straight into the project, the founders do not draw any money and have to work full time to provide their own family a decent living …

the team

the team: Bukasa (behind left) & Isidore, Papa Augustin (front left), Christian, Maman Maguy (behind right) and Maman Angeline

Running a sanctuary is a huge responsibility and represents lots and lots of sacrifices and risks. Thanks to their passion  and thanks to their strong team work, Franck & Roxane have been able to give these orphans the best and are already working on the future. Yes, because there must be an “after Franck & Roxane”…



Meet our team (3)

Sorry, Friends of JACK, the month of May has been so busy with everlasting power cuts that I haven’t been able to update the blog.

Today I wish to introduce our keepers. I know you have met some of them already while reading our blog but this time you’ll learn more about them.keepers of J.A.C.K.

from left to right: Maman Astrid, Maman Maguy and Papa Augustin


1- Maman Angeline started working at JACK just after the fire in September 2006: 3 babies survived and needed more than ever love and care. Being a biologist, Angeline has always been interested in wildlife and when her sister, a friend of mine, told her about what happened to us, she decided to come and to apply for the job. Maman Angeline has worked with us since the early beginning and is today in charge of the quarantine area and helps in the kitchen. 

Maman  AngelineMaman Angeline with baby ROSIE


2- Maman Maguy worked with chimpanzees when she was a child. Yes, her father actually had chimps at home and Maguy took good care of them, played with them and fed them. This experience makes her feel extremely confident with the chimpanzees of our sanctuary and in addition to being a keeper, Maman Maguy is in charge of the kitchen. She prepares food every day for each orphan of the refuge and is usually assisted by Maman Angeline for the cooking. Maman Maguy started working at JACK in October 2007.Maman Maguy preparing food.

Maman Maguy preparing food


3 – Papa Augustin is in charge of our infant group. He is an electrician and started at J.A.C.K. in 2008. Father of now 8 children, he knows what it is to look after babies/young ones and his natural nursing instinct has always impressed me! All the little chimps of the group do love him. He’s is patient, full of attention and love.Papa Augustin

Papa Augustin with the Pundus, Santa & Kimo


4 – Maman Astrid is the newest keeper who arrived last February. Maman Angeline was  on maternity leave and we needed someone to help.  That’s how Maman Maguy introduced us to her friend, Astrid, loving wildlife and ready to assist us in our everyday tasks at JACK. Today, Angeline is back but Astrid is staying with us as she wishes to continue working with the chimps.Maman Astrid


 THANK  YOU !!!