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Australian Guardian Angels

Today, we would like to thank 3 Friends of J.A.C.K. living in Australia who have helped Bihati at the early beginning of her health issues.

These Friends are:

1/ Kelly.

Kelly has been following our sanctuary for many years now and, once she heard Bihati wasn’t doing well, she decided to send her some Kids Essentials (protein powder) which Bihati loves!!!

kelly (1)


2/ Jo & Ryan

Both Friends volunteered at the sanctuary last year and Jo worked with Bihati. They both wished to help us with our sick friend and therefore, since Ryan was travelling back to the DRC, they contacted Kelly to collect the Kids Essenials boxes to drop them at J.A.C.K. ! A moving gesture as Bihati has been able to enjoy this protein treat that has given her some strength back!

kelly (2)

Kelly, Jo & Ryan, many thanks for your support and for your Love for Bihati & her Friends.

You are Bihati’s Guardian Angels!

kelly (3)

a selfie of Bihati


Bihati’s health is deteriorating

Sorry, not much time to update as life has been too hectic here with Bihati, the sick chimpanzee. Yes, her health is deteriorating day by day. We managed to get some ultrasound scan, x-ray and other analyses. Because her haemoglobine was too low, it was suggested to transfuse Bihati. However, not having the equipment nor the means, we opted for a shock treatment (plasma substitute). Today, Bihati is weak, has eaten and drunk little. We pray she’ll be beter soon. We are now focused on what is causing such pain to her as we want to give her the appropriated treatment.

We will keep you posted. Meanwhile, keep Bihati, please, in your prayers and send her all your positive thoughts. JACK does its best but finances are extremely tight especially sinceour country is struck by drastic economic recession and political unrest. You can help JACK via following link:

Many thanks in advance for your prayers and thoughts! A huge THANK YOU to our volunteer vet Jean Claude for his hard work and professionalism. Thank you also to Doctor Marc who did the ultrasounds yesterday. Also many, many thanks to two vets who have been constantly in touch with us from abroad and who have been of good help and advice: Kel (Australia) and Katja (South Africa).


bihati sick.369

Queen Kaly

PICTURE OF THE DAY – high up the tower, (Queen) Kaly is playing King Kong!

JACK chimp sanctuary in the DRC

PICTURE OF THE DAY – J.A.C.K. sanctuary is located South DRC, not far from the Zambian border

Happy International Labour Day

PICTURE OF THE DAY – great complicity and fun while trying to have a decent 1st of May group photo. From left to right:
– row 1 : Justin, Landry & Maman Angeline
– row 2 : David, Yannik, Ngoy & Roxane

Were absent: Jérémi, Bondo, Jean Claude, Anne & Julie, NKulu & Georges, Franck (not always easy to gather everyone for a picture!)

Many thanks to our team for its patience, devotion, love and for its will to give these orphans the best! JACK is really proud of its team!

What’s wrong, Bihati?

As mentionnend recently, we decided to slightly sedate our young friend Bihati to get some blood samples.
So, last Friday, Vet Jean Claude helped us get the needed samples. Everything went well and today Bihati has totally recovered from the stress of sedation.
However, we remain extremely worried.
Yes. The blood tests show that Bihati is doing perfectly well which means we can’t explain why she has lost so much weight (a bit more than 10kgs in 2 months!) and why she now and then has slight fever…
We have contacted other vets for advice. Meanwhile, we do our best to keep Bihati’s temperature down and we try to give her all that she needs to feel well and comfortable!
We will keep you updated. Thank you for keeping sending Bihati your best thoughts !!!

latest updates on Doguy and Bihati

Remember, several weeks ago young Doguy was operated (ear problem) and Bihati had malaria.

Today, Doguy is back in his group and seems really to enjoy life with his friends. The wound of his ear is clean and totaly healed up – so, now, we can say this ear issue belongs definitely to the past!


Bihati is still among her friends, but despite her special diet, she seems to lose weight. Bihati is eating well, is as active as before, but her weight loss is horrible to see!


We intend to sedate Bihati tomorrow afternoon to collect blood samples. The vet thinks there might be an hepatic problem but let’s wait the blood tests. Meanwhile, please, keep Bihati in your thoughts and send her all your positive vibes!


Joma looking at the wrong place

PICTURE OF THE DAY – the keeper apparently managed to hide the enriched botlle well as Joma (right) is searching for treats somewhere else!

Luna, a good mom to baby Mata

PICTURE OF THE DAY – moments of love and tenderness: young Luna (left) hugging baby Mata tight Luna arrived at JACK in 2011 and was so young she even couldn’t walk!
Today, she has become a little mom, a point of reference to baby Mata in order to make him feel good and well.
Both orphans have been rescued by JACK from the horrible bushmeat trade. Both have seen their family slaughtered in front of their eyes. Poachers aren’t scrupulous and just kill to get as much money out of this as possible and, unfortunately, most african countries don’t act and aren’t even aware their so unique wildlife heritage is disappearing in a glimpse of an eye… too bad…too sad!!!

10 years !

Today, April 6th 2016, is JACK’s 10th Anniversary.

Our story started with JAK, the 1st baby chimpanzee orphan ever confiscated by DRC environment officials in South DRC.
JAK has given us the strength to save other lives and to become Ambassadors to protect his species. Thanks to JAK we created our sanctuary named J.A.C.K. to stop the use of chimpanzees in the illegal exotic pet trade as well as in the busmeat trade…

Today,10 years later, JAK is no longer with us, our hearts are still crying but we still have hope for his friends as we can now feel the results of this 10-year-fight : no more chimpanzees are to be seen on sale on the streets of Lubumbashi !

10 ans