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A selfie of SEKI

PICTURE OF THE DAY – do you like selfies? This is one of SEKI, one of our oldest males


Tongo likes to stay with older females

PICTURE OF THE DAY – TONGO (right) is the youngest chimpanzee orphan of our group of subadults. He likes to hang around with older females and, on the picture here, he is with KINA.

tongo & kina

But Kaly, where are you?

PICTURE OF THE DAY – although most of our energy is focused on Bihati’s heath issue, her 38 chimpanzee friends aren’t neglected and we do still keep a good eye on all of them! Life must continue and it seems some of the youngsters are having great fun: Mata (left) is with Luna (top) and they are both trying to catch Kaly who is hidden in the blue barrel!


Zamba, 9th Anniversary

PICTURE OF THE DAY – 9 years today that we rescued this young female! Happy Anniversary, Zamba!

Tika’s breakfast

VIDEO OF THE WEEK –¬†Bright and sunny weather this morning and the chimps had their breakfast on their playgrounds. Today, they had banana leaves as enrichment and Tika sat with some members of his group. Not all were allowed to eat with him… Tika is the boss!


Little Mata loves milk!

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – baby Mata loves milk and enjoys every drop of it!

Mata imitating Kaly

PICTURES OF THE DAY – Chimpanzees work a lot through imitation and, in the wild, they are very young when they learn how to build nests. Most of the rescued chimpanzees at JACK unfortunately don’t know how to build nests. Taken too early from their mom, from their group, they lack all the basic stuff they should know. Therefore, some of them do observe the few ones who know how to bend branches & leaves properly and they try on their own. This is the case of baby Mata: he is keeping a close eye on Kaly (nest- building expert!) and he tries to imitate her… Mata’s results aren’t that bad, but he needs to practice a bit more

Thank you, Kaly, and well done, little Mata !!!

construction nid

Each to his own

PICTURES OF THE DAY – each to his own: whether having breakfast by the water or enjoying breakfast … in the water ¬†!

Jane & Bachi

jane & bachi

Zamba & Doguy

ZAMBA & doguy

Kaly trying to build her nest

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – baby Kaly is upset as friend Luna is preventing her from building her nest…

Christmas at JACK

PICTURES OF THE DAY – no power, no water but great Happiness at Christmas thanks to the kindness of two Lubumbashi friends who offered the team and the chimps plenty of goodies and who want to remain anonymous! Many thanks again for these wonderful Christmas presents! Both team & chimps really appreciated!! since the sanctuary lives on donations only, you can imagine how precious these presents are!!!

Xmas workers-001

Xmas chimps-001