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many thanks to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation

As mentionned several months ago, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation has been helping J.A.C.K. since 2009 and thanks to its precious support & trust, our Sanctuary has been able to achieve great and wonderful things for our chimpanzee and bushbaby boarders!

In 2015, the French Foundation decided it would support the building of a Jungle Gym for the Nursery Group as well as develop our green house.

The Jungle Gym actually looks more like a three-storey-tower (5m high, 3m large). Each level is made of platforms which provide the chimpanzees with shelter from both rain & sun. The tower is completely made of metal; a material we were obliged to use as experience here so far has showed us local termites are extremely voracious and that no wooden structure even resists!

Captures d'écran80

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation also participated in our green house project. Yes, remember, we need to provide 120 to 150 kgs of food daily and the green garden helps us give the chimpanzees fresh food.

Our green house is located at the boundary of J.A.C.K. and next to the Zoo of Lubumbashi. Several crops unfortunately were stolen because the walls that border our limits were broken or  didn’t even exist any more at some places. Therefore, we decided to use the 2015 grant to rebuild and strengthen the walls.

Also, we would like to add some barbered wire on top but this will hopefully come in 2016 with more support from our donours as we need to continue to put security all around the complex!

Captures d'écran79

Thanks to the wonderful aid of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, the orphan chimpanzees of the Nursery group now have some daily enrichment (Jungle Gym) and all the rescued chimpanzees can enjoy our ‘home-produced’ crops !

Dear Brigitte Bardot Foundation Team, know that your support is crucial to the well-being of the chimpanzees we have rescued  from human crualty and that we feel extremely grateful for your help and trust!

Again, thank you so much for THEM!



When posting a picture of our sick pawpaws several weeks ago, some friends came back to us and others even contacted qualified people to determine what is actually wrong with our trees at J.A.C.K.

papaye 2.87

All have had the same reply: misshaped pawpaws result from a lack of boron! Tania F, a good friend of us living in Australia, even managed to send us some of that magic powder to help our trees 🙂 !

bore (3)

Papa Mbondo, the man in charge of our green garden, has started giving some boron to our sick pawpaw trees and we are sure they will all look better soon!

bore (1)

Many thanks again to all her friends who have helped us and thank you so much, Tania, for having sent J.A.C.K. this magic powder!

bore (2)

We will keep you updated 🙂



strange paw paw disease

PICTURE OF THE DAY – strange paw paw disease, can anybody help?

papaye 2.87

from green house to chimps

PICTURE OF THE DAY: once harvested, the veggies are cleaned and given to the chimps immediately


fresh lettuce

PICTURE OF THE DAY – gardner Landry is harvesting fresh lettuce to offer the chimps at lunch time – Bon appétit!



corn, corn, corn…

Several weeks ago we said corn was the only crop we could harvest these days in our green house despite heavy rains.


This morning, we harvested about 49 kgs of ears of corn and aproximatively 70 kgs of corn leaves and sticks. Of course, the chimps were extremely delighted as their open air playgrounds were covered with corn and leaves… we managed to have some pictures to show you these special moments:







Thank you all for reading,



growing sugar cane

Dear all,

At J.A.C.K., we had still some space left next to the green house to grow some sugar cane.

The project of growing one of the chimps’ favourite food started a few years ago thanks to the kind support of a friend of J.A.C.K., Mrs Sue A., who sponsored a plantation of banana trees, paw paws and sugar canes at the Sanctuary.



 Sugar canes like water and the place we have next to the green house is very wet. Land has to be prepared first and the sugar cane is being planted on small humid mounts.




Then, once the sugar cane is blossoming, it means it is ready to be harvested.




J.A.C.K. had its first sugar cane harvest this year and nearly half a ton was cut for the chimps. This was a good start and next year more will be harvested from our sugar cane plantation since extra canes have been planted!!


Many thanks to Mrs Sue A. but also to our two gardeners, Bondo and Kasongo, for making this possible!

updates on the green garden

Dear Friends,


It seems we don’t have much luck…

Our green garden looks terrible 🙁

14.11.13 (1)

Yes, because we refuse to use any chemicals, little insects do love to stay in our green house thus giving us a real nightmare.  Most of the crops have been ruined despite our constant work and attention. Tomatoes have suffered the most as invaded by extremely little bugs preventing the plant from reaching maturity…

13.11.13 (8)

14.11.13 (3)

14.11.13 (2)

young sick tomatoes

Rains have now started and the only things growing these days are maize, aubergines, carots and lettuce. We manage to harvest 10 kgs/day of fresh lettuce, which is nothing compared to what was expected!!! Since J.A.C.K. needs about 120kg of foot/day, and because the green house isn’t producing much, we must buy on the local markets and beg more rejects (vegetable that farms can’t sell because of shape)  from local farms.

13.11.13 (100)

Let’s cross our fingers things will be better soon and that we’ll be able to get more fresh vegetables from our garden!!

Roxane/ J.A.C.K.


Sugar cane day!

Hello Friends of J.A.C.K.,


Although young Kala has been our main priority for several weeks now, we have never set aside all the other chimpanzees of our Sanctuary who also need us!

Today, was sugar cane day at J.A.C.K.

Because we grow these long sweet sticks at the sanctuary, it’s very easy collect fresh  and tasty sugar canes for our hairy friends! All the chimps enjoyed as the sticks were like enrichment too; see by yourselves !





Main group: WIMBI (top), JACKY & CHITA (right)

WANZA(left), CHITA & ZAMBA (far behind)


Nursery gorup: LUNA (in the tyre – left), KIMO and MAÏKA (right)


baby LUNA with AFRICA


Even KALA had his piece of sugar cane and seemed very pleased!! He ate all of it!



Roxane/ J.A.C.K.


compost for the green garden

Dear friends of J.A.C.K.,

Most of you know we were offered last year a netted green house from a South African company named ‘MARKET TO AFRICA’.

J.A.C.K. does its best to obtain good results from the green garden, but the soil we have at J.A.C.K. is very poor and we also live special times due to global warming! Season are changing totally and we are struggling daily to get the expected production!

When you want to grow vegetables, good soil is indeed needed and that’s why MARKET TO AFRICA also helped J.A.C.K. building its compost ditches. Today, we managed to use our first compost  and we hope great results will come out of the ditches we started last year.







Many thanks again to Su and Gregory from MARKET TO AFRICA. And many thanks to Werner C., a dear family member, who invested his time and knowledge to help J.A.C.K. grow veggies for its boarders!


Roxane/ J.A.C.K.