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10 years !

Today, April 6th 2016, is JACK’s 10th Anniversary.

Our story started with JAK, the 1st baby chimpanzee orphan ever confiscated by DRC environment officials in South DRC.
JAK has given us the strength to save other lives and to become Ambassadors to protect his species. Thanks to JAK we created our sanctuary named J.A.C.K. to stop the use of chimpanzees in the illegal exotic pet trade as well as in the busmeat trade…

Today,10 years later, JAK is no longer with us, our hearts are still crying but we still have hope for his friends as we can now feel the results of this 10-year-fight : no more chimpanzees are to be seen on sale on the streets of Lubumbashi !

10 ans

International Women’s Day

March 8/ INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY – Happy Women’s Day to all our friends and especially to the ladies who work at J.A.C.K. : Maman Angeline (= surrogate mom also in charge of the kitchen), our volunteers Julie, Anne & Sandrine and Roxane (co-founder of sanctuary).

journée de la femme

updates on our Christmas fundraising

Remember, early December last year, we launched a fundraising appeal to collect money for a Jungle Gym for the chimp teenagers group of JACK.

thank you playground

Today, we can say that the total amount ($5,524) to build this huge play tower for Chita and his friends has been collected since JACK fundraised along with its French charity  “Les Amis de JACK”  during the latest Festive Season.

YES! JACK is extremely happy this project will come true! The Jungle Gym is a high play tower which will not only provide enrichment to the teenagers group but it will also protect them  from the harshness of the climate (blazing sun, heavy rains) by offering the chimpanzees some shade and shelter . The sanctuary intends to start the constructions very soon and will, of course, share pictures and updates.

new jungle gym

Again JACK and “Les Amis de JACK” would like to thank the different Friends who have given all their trust as well as their precious financial support to make this dream come true. Remember, JACK lives on donations only and relies on the generosity of its Friends to provide its boarders with the best care!

Many, many thanks to:

  • Carole V.  who launched the fundraising event in France together with our Charity “Les Amis de JACK”;
  • the Sweden Chimpanzee Trust and its Board members who decided they would be part of this Christmas event for the chimps!
  • our great Donors whose aid was crucial : (in alpabetical order) Alexandra G, Amy M, Andrew & Candy G, Carine LT, Catherine H, Corinna MS, David S, Eva C, Francesca B, Geneviève H, Harry H,  Jean-Charles D, Julie B, Karim M,  Louise Q, Lyna R, Marc H, Mireille F,  Oliver T, Sébastien M, Suzanne M,  Valérie L, Valérie S, Véronique T, et Wanda H. 
  • one of our adopters who has been following JACK sanctuary for so many years: Marie-Odile L. Her love for her adopted friend MAYA has no limits and Maire-Odile therefore decided she would help the sanctuary finalize this playground project!
  • our wonderful Friends from all over the world who organized/participated to events  to support JACK:

      => Lucette P (France)  who participated to 2 different Christmas events jointly  organised by shop managers Mr & Mrs Kahn from MEDOR & Co

Capture plein écran 30012016 160930

=> Patti C  and her sister Gail (USA) who attended 2 different Christmas crafts  fairs and sold their handmade necklaces.  Usually assisted by Gail,  Patti has been supporting our sanctuary for years now and her gorgeous necklaces have a great success and do help our chimps too!


       => Joanne P (Australia) who created a fundraising event in her country to help Chita & his mates get the Jungle Gym.

Capture plein écran 30012016 161241

The building of the play tower should not last more than 10 days and we of course will keep you updated !


Dear Donors, without your precious support JACK wouldn’t be able to give its orphans the best!

So, thank YOU again and again for THEM! 


2016, Year of the Monkey

PICTURE OF THE DAY – according to the Chinese Horoscope, 2016 is the Year of the Monkey. For J.A.C.K. it will be of course 100% the Year of the Chimp! What about you?

2016 singe

Happy New Year

PICTURE OF THE DAY – this year it is young orphan Rosie who has been selected to send the Sanctuary’s Best Wishes.

All the very Best for 2016 to all our Friends!



because hope springs eternal

I am baby Mata.

I have just recovered from the loss of my mom and of my group. I am getting healthy & strong but today I am longing for a good friend who will love me and adopt me…

Please, join me on my page: http://jackchimp.yolasite.com/i-adoptmata.php
and get your personalised 2016 New Year present!

Thank YOU!


Christmas at JACK

PICTURES OF THE DAY – no power, no water but great Happiness at Christmas thanks to the kindness of two Lubumbashi friends who offered the team and the chimps plenty of goodies and who want to remain anonymous! Many thanks again for these wonderful Christmas presents! Both team & chimps really appreciated!! since the sanctuary lives on donations only, you can imagine how precious these presents are!!!

Xmas workers-001

Xmas chimps-001

Friends of JACK in the US

Today, friends of JACK in the US work actively to support our orphans: Chela House will be selling necklaces, giftcards and wallets  at a Holiday Fair which is taking place next Saturday, Dec 5th,  at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church – Saratoga (CA)

Here is the link of the event in case you are not far from Saratoga : https://www.facebook.com/events/704038823065103/


fair saratoga

J.A.C.K. at PASA conference

J.A.C.K.is attending Pan African Sanctuary Alliance Strategic Development Conference which is currently taking place in Nairobi (Kenya). Attendees are most of the managers of PASA sanctuary members, PASA Board members as well as other delegates. If you haven’t heard about PASA yet, please join us on : http://www.pasaprimates.org/

pasa conference

first tourism fair of Katanga

As previously mentioned, our NGO was selected to be among the different exhibitors of the first international tourism fair of Katanga.


All our efforts have been concentrated on our booth: we wanted it to be attractive, interesting and educational. We therefore wish to heartly thank an active member of J.A.C.K., Jean-Pierre M, who ran our information booth during these 3 long days.

stand jack salon

At the opening of the Fair, we were honoured to welcome a good Friend of J.A.C.K., Ms  Thérèse LUKENGE KAPWIBWE, DRC  Provincial Minister of Sports, Gender, Family and Children, Tourism, Art and Culture  as well as Mr Audax Sompwe Kaunda, Provincial Director of Tourism of ex-Katanga Province, who came to encourage J.A.C.K. in its cumbersome Conservation mission.

atorités stand - Copie

Also, many other visitors  met Jean-Pierre and some even visited our sanctuary to have a better idea of what we have achieved so far.

visiteurs stand

08 - aout2

Many thanks to  Palma Okapi Tours for the organistion of this surprising event and kudos to Isaac who made that event real ! It was a wonderful experience to all of us!