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Little Mata loves milk!

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – baby Mata loves milk and enjoys every drop of it!

Mata imitating Kaly

PICTURES OF THE DAY – Chimpanzees work a lot through imitation and, in the wild, they are very young when they learn how to build nests. Most of the rescued chimpanzees at JACK unfortunately don’t know how to build nests. Taken too early from their mom, from their group, they lack all the basic stuff they should know. Therefore, some of them do observe the few ones who know how to bend branches & leaves properly and they try on their own. This is the case of baby Mata: he is keeping a close eye on Kaly (nest- building expert!) and he tries to imitate her… Mata’s results aren’t that bad, but he needs to practice a bit more

Thank you, Kaly, and well done, little Mata !!!

construction nid

Elia loves socks

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – Elia loves the socks we set as enrichment items:filled with treats (peanuts, raisins), the chimps first eat what is inside and Elia collects the old socks to play with or to wear them on…

enrichment can be fun to the team too!

PICTURES OF THE DAY – enrichment is crucial for our hairy friends but it also seems to provide great fun to our team. Papa Ngoy (left) is showing Papa Jérémie how to fill up the holes with the syringe and, of course, as usual, Ngoy brought a note of humour when initiating Jérémie into that kind of enrichment!

Ngoy & jeremie

shade & shelter for Christmas

Our sanctuary today looks after 39 rescued chimpanzees. All of them have been saved from the bushmeat trade and from the illegal exotic pet trade. They are divided into two groups: the main group  and the nursery group.

From the early beginning since we started this refuge centre in Lubumbashi in 2006 together with the Ministry of the Environment, our project has been promised land to start a pre-release program to teach the chimps how to live in the forest. These orphans are Congolese orphans and must go onto state land; so far, we are still waiting for this bushy area to slowly move our rescued friends to their natural habitat!

So, becasue J.A.C.K. can’t yet start this pre-release program, the sanctuary must adjust to the augmenting needs of its boarders and improve their evironment.

main group looking for some shade

                                   main group looking for some shade

The main group is living on a huge open air playground which is directly connected to the different night rooms. This open air facility used to have trees before but all have been destroyed and/or eaten by the growing chimps.

Therefore, many years ago, one of our sponsors offered  different play equipments that the chimps really loved! The one they preferred was a huge tower which unfortunately hasn’t withstand the developing strength and vigor of the main group chimps (17 individuals aged now between 9 and 11 )! A few  equipments are still available on their playground but they really need a huge tower again to satisfy their chimp needs of climbing, hanging and swinging.

Capture plein écran 04122015 150342.3

Our Christmas project this year is to collect some funds to offer the main group that special play equipment which, in addition of being great enrichment, will also provide shade and shelter. When the weather is too hot and when rains are pouring, the chimps have no other place to go than in the night rooms. The tower ( 196 inches high – 118 inches wide) would be extremely helpful and this is the reason we call on your generosity today: looking after chimpanzees in a country where so many things are missing is an everyday challenge and once it comes to develop their environment it becomes a nightmare since most building material is imported (concrete, metal) and…very expensive!!

A GOFundMe event is online and JACK and the especially the big boys of the main group would really be grateful if you could support their Christmas project!

thank you playground

Thank you for your interest and generosity! We really hope this project will come true some day as the chimps of the main group need it!




enriched bottles

PICTURES OF THE DAY – enriched bottles keep taste buds as well as mind busy!







Seki looks happy

PICTURES OF THE DAY – young male Seki had to be isolated because of wounds (see scar on his back) and today he seems more than happy to be back in his group and to enjoy the enriched bottles

seki content

Mwisho & ball

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – some chimps can be very destructive

heat and treat

PICTURES OF THE DAY – yes,  heats rimes with treats and a friend of JACK who wants to remain anonymous offered us 144 cartons of fruit juice that we have kept for several days in the freezer to provide the chimps with ice treats. Last night, temperatures approximated 82° F in the night facilities and all the chimps enjoyed their fresh treats…

Many thanks to Mr Anonymous for his kindness and wish to help!

glaçons anonymous-001

a playful Sunday

Babies Kimo, Tommy and Ekolo have had so much fun today!