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Nursery 2 Project

The Nursery 2 Project started in 2012 and aimed in building 3 night quarters for the nursery group. These new facilities will be attached to an open air playground and, by means of a tunnel,  will be linked to the Nursery 1 area. We talked about this project already many months ago.

 logos11 - Copie

C1= Nursery 1   –  C2 = Nursery 2   –   1,2,3 = night rooms   and   4 =  tunnel


End of 2013, the first night room was completely built and so were the concrete floors of night rooms 2 & 3 !

Capture plein écran 01052015 174723

In June 2014, the sanctuary completed the construction of night quarter 2 as well as the tunnel linking Nursery 1 to Nursery 2.

Capture plein écran 01052015 174818

Capture plein écran 01052015 181053


Finally, end 2014, the last night facility was totally constructed !



Capture plein écran 01052015 174918

Living on donations only, J.A.C.K.  can’t afford developping the sanctuary since it always depends on the kindness of its donors to achieve projects for the well fare of its rescued orphans. Nursery 2 Project in 2014 was totally supported by the Sweden Chimpanzee Trust & Great Words, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, the International Primate Protection League and the Zoo of La Palmyre! We really hope to find more funds this year as to end Nursery 2 Project; the nursery chimps are getting bigger, stronger and really need more space! We need to build nests, add water pipes, fence electrically the whole play ground and add enrichment (play modules)…

merci à tous

J.A.C.K. and its nursery orphans are extremely grateful to the generosity of these 5 wonderful donors who helped in 2014! So far our sanctuary hasn’t been given the land promised by the State to move the chimps to a forest area and this is the reason why J.A.C.K. must develop site and improve its facilities…

Thank YOU all, dear donors, for your help but also for your wish to give THEM the best!


new enrichment items thanks to beautiful donors!

As mentioned previously, the different parcels arrived safely at J.A.C.K. from France and we needed some time to compare the enrichment toys we had bought via Internet and the ones we actually received with Karine !

To our surprise, one of our suppliers sent us the wrong items (he sent us smaller toys) and reimbursed us. So, with that money we are now buying almonds, raisins, bananas, oranges and apples to put inside the enrichment toys…


The chimps have already discovered some of their brand new enrichment toys and we all at J.A.C.K. can confirm they  had too much fun!!! Here are the first pictures we can already share with you!







Many thanks again to the following people who participated to the Christmas enrichment presents for the chimps: Fran B, Laurence D, Lesley Ann M, Eva C, Céline L,  Carine L, Marc & Judith T, Joe B, Marc H, Louise Q and Sophie M !


Also, in addition to the donation of enrichment toys, a few Friends of JACK sent socks to Karine when she was still in France.

Yes, remember, socks can be excellent enrichment tools too!!

So, “Les Amis de JACK”, the French charity helping J.A.C.K., sent an appeal last December and asked people to collect old socks for the chimps! A few Friends  did their utmost to do so and even asked their families and colleagues to do the same!!!

Look at the pictures below and you’ll see how much fun the chimps had!!! Socks do provide so much fun, keep the chimps very busy as they make them use their imagination.






Many thanks again to  Franck G, Laurence D, Emilie E and Sissi v.H. who  emptied their drawers and  asked their family and colleagues to do the same!!

Many thanks again to all the people who took part in these two December actions : your generosity is giving THEM such a great time!

Thank YOU for THEM !



IPPL supporting again our sanctuary

Great news for today as, a few weeks ago, J.A.C.K. has been contacted by the International Primate Protection League to offer its help again for this starting year 2015! We are so grateful Dr Shirley Mc Greal and her precious team do wish to continue supporting us !!!


As this US institution has recently supported to construction of the night rooms of the Nursery 2 Project, now more developments inside the buildings are needed to finish this project completely! Therefore, this year, IPPL offered to sponsor all the plumber work as well as the welding of huge metallic nests for the chimps.


Also, some stairs are needed to walk over the brand new tunnel as to facilitate security of the area.

ippl 2015.

Thank you again and again, dear IPPL supporters for your support and for your wish to bring THEM the best!



growing sugar cane

Dear all,

At J.A.C.K., we had still some space left next to the green house to grow some sugar cane.

The project of growing one of the chimps’ favourite food started a few years ago thanks to the kind support of a friend of J.A.C.K., Mrs Sue A., who sponsored a plantation of banana trees, paw paws and sugar canes at the Sanctuary.



 Sugar canes like water and the place we have next to the green house is very wet. Land has to be prepared first and the sugar cane is being planted on small humid mounts.




Then, once the sugar cane is blossoming, it means it is ready to be harvested.




J.A.C.K. had its first sugar cane harvest this year and nearly half a ton was cut for the chimps. This was a good start and next year more will be harvested from our sugar cane plantation since extra canes have been planted!!


Many thanks to Mrs Sue A. but also to our two gardeners, Bondo and Kasongo, for making this possible!

JACK growing education centre

Thanks to the generosity of two main donors, the International Primate Protection League and the ARCUS Foundation, J.A.C.K. has been given the opportunity to continue the works of developping  its education centre.

Today, the education area  is made of 4 hut-shaped-education buildings; each hut has a particular topic related to Conservation and to Chimpanzees.

educ centre

Education hut #1 enumerates the threats great apes are facingevery day (habitat destruction, bushmeat trade, exotic pet trade, diseases)  and what international/national solutions are brought to help save them;

education 1

Education hut #2 explains what a sanctuary is and why/how chimpanzee orphans arrive at J.A.C.K. A small puppet theater is attached to the building where kids can create their own conservation stories. This is the building that perished totally during the arson of September 2013 and which was totally restored.

education 2


Education hut #3 gives a general idea of monkeys  and shows the difference between monkeys and great apes.

education hut 3

Education hut #4 talks about chimpanzees mainly: habitat, anatomy, behaviour, reproduction, food, using and building tools….


 All these wonderful constructions wouldn’t have been possible without the trust of IPPL and of the Arcus Foundation and that’s why we again and again wish to thank both institutions for their attention and their wish to be part of the survival of South DRC chimpanzees.

2014 - merci ippl & arcus 2013

Thank YOU for THEM !




Chimp Easter Event

Sorry I didn’t come back earlier, too many issues these days…

As many of you know, at Easter,  the orphans of J.A.C.K. had a real good time!

But before I give you more details and pictures, you must know that our “Easter bunnies” had a great time too! Early in the morning, Fabienne, Mirko and Sandrine came to display all the Easter enrichment items they had prepared the day before.  The 3 “bunnies” were over excited and too happy of the joy this particular enrichment was going to provide!

04 - avril6

Then, the gates were opened, and first of all, the chimps grabbed the fruit that had been neatly fixed onto the baskets and the bamboo mats.

IMG_5279 IMG_5284 IMG_5297

When there was no fruit left, they started to be interested in the baskets. They knew the bamboo mats already, but these new enrichment items intrigued quiet a lot of the chimps and, once they understood they could sit inside, or put the baskets on their heads, or hide under the bigger baskets…then, baskets had no secrets any more!!!

DSC07740 DSC07772 IMG_5516 IMG_5523 IMG_5552 IMG_5602 IMG_5603

The chimps found all the extra apples and oranges that had been hidden all around the playground….

IMG_5402 IMG_5417 IMG_5450 IMG_5482

… and some of them had great fun with the bamboo mats too!



 As you can see, the chimps really enjoyed this special which and again we would like to thank the “Easter Bunnies” (Fabienne, Sandrine & Mirko), Julia who came the day before to help, Jean who delivered us the mats and baskets on his bicycle and also the friends without whom the event wouldn’t have taken place : Laurence D, Alain S, Fran B, Eva C, Véronique T, Christine & Kevin C, Eva D, Kelly J and Catherine M.

thank you!

recovery of J.A.C.K. education buildings

Friends who closely follow us will for sure still have in mind the terrible fire our sanctuary had to cope with last September and which destroyed 2 of our education buildings.

07.09.13 (10)

J.A.C.K. education centre is currently made of 4 education huts all kindly sponsored by wonderful people ( the International Primate Protection League, the Arcus Foundation, the Sweden Chimpanzee Trust, Market to Africa, MMR,…). Construction of the Education Centre started in 2011 and isn’t finished yet as more buildings are on the agenda…

educ centre

During the arson, education hut #2 totally perished because of  the flames…


… but thanks to donors, J.A.C.K. was able to restore the building and new developments, drawings, paintings have been made to rebuild it completely! This recovery has been possible thanks to 2 very helpful donations received from : (1) the PASA Crisis Fund and from (2) the International Primate Protection League.


Education hut # 4 was being built at the time of the arson and only the roof partially burnt down. The building has now a brand new roof and developments can now continue!


Also, IPPL agreed on enforcing security at J.A.C.K.. That’s the reason why since the arson, and thanks to the International Primate Protection League, our sanctuary has now two armed rangers from the DRC National Parks who provide day and night security on site .



Again, J.A.CK. wishes to thank PASA and IPPL for their help. Receiving your donations was a sign we weren’t that alone to face the arsonists and your support helped us in erasing these terrible arson pictures from our minds!

06.02.14 (17)



developments 2013

J.A.C.K. is a sanctuary saving chimpanzees from the bush meat trade and also from the illegal exotic pet trade.But, to host these growing ape orphans, J.A.C.K. needs help for building and for improving facilities.

In 2012, J.A.C.K. started the Nursery 2 Project which is the development of a second nursery area with both a new playground and new night rooms. The project of the night quarter in 2012 was essentially supported by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation . The works weren’t finished; building facilities is extremely costly!!


Therefore, in 2013, thanks to (1) the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, (2) the International Primate Protection League and (3) the Born Free Foundation, J.A.C.K managed to continue what had been previously started and one night room is now completely built!


Foundations of two extra night facilities have been constructed t0o as well as the concrete floor of the futur tunnel that will link Nursery 1 to Nursery 2. Yes, playground of Nursery 1 (C1 on picture) will be linked to playground of Nursery 2 (C2) which will provide the chimps more space and extra shelter during cold and rainy weather! Also, in this way, the nursery group will be allowed to go from one playground to another and  have more space to play and to stay!


But the Nursery 2 Project isn’t yet finished. Two more night rooms have to be built as well as the tunnel.  This means that, according to donations,  we will be again be very busy building and improving the sanctuary this year at J.A.C.K. !!

2014.02 - merci dons

Again J.A.C.K. wishes to thank its generous donours for their trust and for their wish to give these orphans the best! J.A.C.K. wouldn’t be able to achieve all these important works without their wonderful support!

Thank YOU for THEM!

Zoo of La Palmyre supporting JACK

The Zoo of La Palmyre is located in France and has been supporting J.A.C.K. since 2009.

Its donations have helped our sanctuary improve the living conditions of our boarders (building nests & night rooms and developping the first steps of a volunteer camp) and this year the French Zoo decided it would participate in the exhaustive project of the Education Centre.

Since Conservation goes along  with Education, the Zoo of La Palmyre has sponsored education colourful boards in the Education building that shows the difference between Primates & Great Apes.


Merci encore à vous TOUS du Zoo de La Palmyre pour ce précieux soutien! Grâce à VOUS, nous arrivons à faire de grandes choses!


Merci, Franck !

Dear Friends,


Our sanctuary was offered pediatric treatments against flu: FERVEX powder which is a combination of Paracetamol and Vitamine C to provide kids just when the first signs of flu appear.

11.06.13 (3)

Our very kind donor is a French friend named Franck Goddard who is an ape lover regularly helping other great apes sanctuaries in Africa. This donation will help us a lot since winter has started very early this year as well as runny noses and sneezing 🙁

2013.06 - merci don franck goddard



Many thanks to you, Franck, for helping the apes rescued by J.A.C.K. and for being a passionate protector of Great Apes! Sanctuaries like us are extremely happy to have dedicated friends like you, as thanks to your kindness we are able to bring a difference on this planet!

Merci pour tout ce que tu fais pour EUX!