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Thank you, Fondation Brigitte Bardot

We are pleased to announce the support of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation which has been helping our sanctuary since 2009.

This 2016 aid will help us develop the open air playground of the Nursery II Project. This means that the youngsters of our Nursery group will soon be offered a new Jungle Gym and a small pond…

We are extremely delighted since things have been so tough here recently and a great news like this brightens our days!!

Again, many thanks to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for its trust and wish to offer our orphans the best living conditions!


Chita’s Jungle Gym – Day 3

Today is D-day!

Yes, the surprise we have been promissing for the last few days is actually a short movie of the inauguration of the Jungle Gym. We thought Chita and his friends would be scared, but, in fact, they ran and jumped immediately onto the metallic structure…

See by yourselves :

Thank you again so much to all the people who helped JACK made this dream come true. It seems the chimps do really enjoy and love their Jungle Gym and we are extremely happy for them!


Chita’s Jungle Gym – Day 1

Remember, last December, we fundraised to offer a Christmas present for our group of  subadult chimps. The aim was to collect some funds to build a huge Jungle Gym that would keep the chimps fit and also provide them with some shade and shelter during the rainy season and the hot dry season.

thank you playground


End of January, and thanks to the good heart of great donors, we managed to collect the needed money. However, because of the pouring rains here in Lubumbashi, we couldn’t start building Chita’s Christmas present.

Today, because dry season is on its way (no more rains!), we bought all the equipment last week and contacted our small team of bricklayers, painter & welder. All of them were told they had only 48 hours to have the Jungle Gym built – yes, it looks a bit short in time, but what you must know is that while the team is working, the chimpanzees are kept indoors which is something the don’t like at all especially when there is a beautiful shining sun outside!

So, the team started building and we’ve decided to show you what was done on DAY 1. Pictures were taken regularly to share every step of  the building process  with you and – especially! – with the wonderful donors who made this project come true!!!

Here are all the works of DAY 1:

  • 9 deep holes (1 meter deep) were dug

module 1

  • the 9 huge poles were fixed in the holes with concrete

module 2

  • the bricklayers built a thick concrete slab at the bottom of the tower

module 3

  • the welder built the frame of 2  platforms

module 4

  • Meanwhile, Marc, the painter, painted the old Jungle Gyms

module 5

At the end of DAY 1, the tower is totally set up. Only the platforms and some paint are missing. Stay tuned, as tomorrow we wil share pictures of Day 1 🙂

module 6

Many, many thanks again to all the Friends who made this dream come true! The chimps will be overexcited !!!


Australian Guardian Angels

Today, we would like to thank 3 Friends of J.A.C.K. living in Australia who have helped Bihati at the early beginning of her health issues.

These Friends are:

1/ Kelly.

Kelly has been following our sanctuary for many years now and, once she heard Bihati wasn’t doing well, she decided to send her some Kids Essentials (protein powder) which Bihati loves!!!

kelly (1)


2/ Jo & Ryan

Both Friends volunteered at the sanctuary last year and Jo worked with Bihati. They both wished to help us with our sick friend and therefore, since Ryan was travelling back to the DRC, they contacted Kelly to collect the Kids Essenials boxes to drop them at J.A.C.K. ! A moving gesture as Bihati has been able to enjoy this protein treat that has given her some strength back!

kelly (2)

Kelly, Jo & Ryan, many thanks for your support and for your Love for Bihati & her Friends.

You are Bihati’s Guardian Angels!

kelly (3)

a selfie of Bihati


Nursery Project II inaugurated

Thanks to the kindness of our generous sponsors, J.A.C.K. has developped since 2012 the building of 3 additional night rooms for the nursery group.

nursery2015 (4)

3 new night rooms for the youngsters of the nursery group

3 years later, Nursery Project II isn’t totaly finished but the chimpanzee orphans have already been able to enjoy their new night quarters.

nursery2015 (1)

inauguration of brand new night facilities

In 2015, sponsorship helped us do all the plumbing work, build huges nests, add some stairs to walk accross the tunnel and to open the tunnel. Also, a huge concrete slab has been set in front of the night quarters to drain water (rain, cleaning water).

nursery2015 (7)

fixing taps, waterpipes

nursery2015 (6)

huge nests

nursery2015 (8)

some stairs to walk accross tunnel

nursery2015 (3)

inauguration of tunnel linking open air playground and brand new night rooms

nursery2015 (2)

long concrete slab to facilitate water drainage

These developments were necessary: the orphans of the nursery group are getting bigger, stronger and need more space! Also, these new night facilities keep the very youngest babies safe from the wind, the cold and the rain ….

nursery2015 (9)

baby Kaly!

Still more developments are needed to complete the Nursery project II as J.A.C.K. now must focus on the open air playground: fix electrical fences, put solar pannels & batteries, add 2 more jungle gyms….

Constructions of 2015 have been done  thanks to the trust and the support of our great donors only: FONDATION BRIGITTE BARDOT,  the SWEDEN CHIMPANZEE TRUSTIPPL, , the ZOO of la PALMYRE and  . Again we at J.A.C.K. are grateful for their precious help as without their generosity, J.A.C.K. can’t give these orphans the difference!

Thank YOU all for THEM !

np merci

De tout coeur, pour EUX,MERCI !

many thanks to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation

As mentionned several months ago, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation has been helping J.A.C.K. since 2009 and thanks to its precious support & trust, our Sanctuary has been able to achieve great and wonderful things for our chimpanzee and bushbaby boarders!

In 2015, the French Foundation decided it would support the building of a Jungle Gym for the Nursery Group as well as develop our green house.

The Jungle Gym actually looks more like a three-storey-tower (5m high, 3m large). Each level is made of platforms which provide the chimpanzees with shelter from both rain & sun. The tower is completely made of metal; a material we were obliged to use as experience here so far has showed us local termites are extremely voracious and that no wooden structure even resists!

Captures d'écran80

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation also participated in our green house project. Yes, remember, we need to provide 120 to 150 kgs of food daily and the green garden helps us give the chimpanzees fresh food.

Our green house is located at the boundary of J.A.C.K. and next to the Zoo of Lubumbashi. Several crops unfortunately were stolen because the walls that border our limits were broken or  didn’t even exist any more at some places. Therefore, we decided to use the 2015 grant to rebuild and strengthen the walls.

Also, we would like to add some barbered wire on top but this will hopefully come in 2016 with more support from our donours as we need to continue to put security all around the complex!

Captures d'écran79

Thanks to the wonderful aid of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, the orphan chimpanzees of the Nursery group now have some daily enrichment (Jungle Gym) and all the rescued chimpanzees can enjoy our ‘home-produced’ crops !

Dear Brigitte Bardot Foundation Team, know that your support is crucial to the well-being of the chimpanzees we have rescued  from human crualty and that we feel extremely grateful for your help and trust!

Again, thank you so much for THEM!


Thank you, dear Members, Partners & Donors

NGO’s like JACK can’t live without support. Donations, sponsorships and memberships are essential to the development of the sanctuary and Franck & I are extremely grateful to all of YOU who have been part of our fight in 2015!

Your trust has indeed allowed us to improve our complex and to provide the orphans with better living conditions. Security has now been enforced and it is obvious we wouldn’t have been able to achieve all these great things without YOU!

Thank YOU ALL so much for caring about JACK. We really hope YOU will still agree to be part of our action in 2016!

merci sponsors

updates on our GoFundme event

Many many thanks to Catherine H, Corinna M.S., Wanda H, Eva C and to Suzanne M for their support! Thanks to them, 3,5 % of the funds have so far been collected via Paypal and this GoFundMe event…

We hope you’ll join us too!! Here is our fundraising event on GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/gudbr9bf

Chita, Bachi & the other chimps of the main group at J.A.C.K.

bachi thanks

heat and treat

PICTURES OF THE DAY – yes,  heats rimes with treats and a friend of JACK who wants to remain anonymous offered us 144 cartons of fruit juice that we have kept for several days in the freezer to provide the chimps with ice treats. Last night, temperatures approximated 82° F in the night facilities and all the chimps enjoyed their fresh treats…

Many thanks to Mr Anonymous for his kindness and wish to help!

glaçons anonymous-001

let’s bring light!

Our sanctuary is a DRC NGO living on donations only and, thanks to the kindness of its donors and sponsors, J.A.C.K. can make huge steps forward to increase the well fare of its boarders and of its team.

Today, we want to speak about ‘magic’!

Yes, we didn’t have power nor a generator at J.A.C.K.: our sanctuary has been living in the dark for the last 8 years using solar energy  for the electrical fences all around the chimps playgrounds….

Today, we can say that J.A.C.K. is living a new experience as we have had power in the kitchen area for the last few weeks only. Thanks to the substantial donation from the International Primate Protection league with the help of the ARCUS Foundation, our sanctuary has been able to bring power at the complex. It took us weeks before the basic equipment was fixed (we had to dig huge cables in the ground, build our own electric console, place a distribution board, construct a special room for the circuit breaker…). We didn’t know about power before but, today, we do!

arcus 20142-001

01.08.14 (2)

arcus 20141.3

In the kitchen we  have warm water to prepare the milk bottles, to heat water for the chimps’ morning tea, to cook the sweet potatoes and mealy meal… Warm water also brings hygien and enables the team to wash the dishes, to clean thoroughly the kitchen and its utensils .

06 - juin1-001

Also, the team can enjoy warm water to clean their uniforms, to wash their hands, to have a shower… and power enhances security at J.A.C.K. ! Wich is very very positive!


As you can see, it’s a brand new life today at JA.C.K. thanks to IPPL and their sponsor, the Arcus Foundation! We are extremely grateful for their wonderful support and trust which have helped our sanctuary make huge steps forward!!! Thank you all again for bringing power at J.A.C.K.! Thank YOU for THEM!

2015.03 - luna.fr