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update on fundraising ‘money for security’

We have great news for today as some Friends of JACK, worried about the chimps’ security, have done their best to help out financially to enable us buy the needed materials to start fixing barbed wire on top of the walls located at the edge of our sanctuary.

Know that works have started thanks to your wonderful support. So far, 550 USD and 100 Euros have been collected; this is already a huge amount of money which is helping J.A.C.K. a lot!

wires1 (2)

wires1 (3)

Many thanks to Cherie B, Eva C, Tania F, Kelly J, Patti C, Fran B, Tanis S, Wanda H, Oliver T, Véronique T and Valérie L  for their great support! Without your Love and wish to be part of this security project, J.A.C.K. wouldn’t have been able to buy and fix the first barbed wires!!!

merci 6


Money for security

A few nights ago, people illegaly entered the sanctuary and seemed interested in the sleeping orphans. J.A.C.K. was lucky its night team managed to chase these unexpected visitors away. But what if they came back? Why were they looking inside the night rooms?  What were their intentions?

J.A.C.K. has therefore decided to enforce security and wishes to put barbed  wire on the different walls at the edge of the sanctuary. Total cost will be of 900 USD (puchase of barbed wire + metallic bars to fix the wire on the wall). This amount doesn’t represent much for some people, but for J.A.C.K. it does!  This is a huge amount of money for a NGO living only on donations!!

Today, 3 US Friends of J.A.C.K. have taken the great initiative of  helping  our sanctuary.

Yes, Patti C., Fran B. and Tanis S.  have donated 125 USD which is already a good start! If you want to do the same. If you wish to help out, please,  donate via our secure Paypal account.

Thank you so much Patti, Fran and Tanis for this wonderful initiative which we hope will encourage more Friends to participate to the improvement of security at J.A.C.K.! Thank you for Mata and his friends!

mata 5.9



flu at J.A.C.K.

PICTURE OF THE DAY – we were too fortunate any flu outbreak had started so far at J.A.C.K. But the bad weather conditions (heavy rains) have initially lead to runny noses  and then to the first signs of flu (sneezing, inactivity, loss of appetite, fever, coughs, etc). J.A.C.K. is currently using the drugs it was donated last July in France thanks to a wonderful donation of Friends of J.A.C.K.


Let’s keep our fingers crossed this outbreak won’t cause too much damage!

new enrichment items thanks to beautiful donors!

As mentioned previously, the different parcels arrived safely at J.A.C.K. from France and we needed some time to compare the enrichment toys we had bought via Internet and the ones we actually received with Karine !

To our surprise, one of our suppliers sent us the wrong items (he sent us smaller toys) and reimbursed us. So, with that money we are now buying almonds, raisins, bananas, oranges and apples to put inside the enrichment toys…


The chimps have already discovered some of their brand new enrichment toys and we all at J.A.C.K. can confirm they  had too much fun!!! Here are the first pictures we can already share with you!







Many thanks again to the following people who participated to the Christmas enrichment presents for the chimps: Fran B, Laurence D, Lesley Ann M, Eva C, Céline L,  Carine L, Marc & Judith T, Joe B, Marc H, Louise Q and Sophie M !


Also, in addition to the donation of enrichment toys, a few Friends of JACK sent socks to Karine when she was still in France.

Yes, remember, socks can be excellent enrichment tools too!!

So, “Les Amis de JACK”, the French charity helping J.A.C.K., sent an appeal last December and asked people to collect old socks for the chimps! A few Friends  did their utmost to do so and even asked their families and colleagues to do the same!!!

Look at the pictures below and you’ll see how much fun the chimps had!!! Socks do provide so much fun, keep the chimps very busy as they make them use their imagination.






Many thanks again to  Franck G, Laurence D, Emilie E and Sissi v.H. who  emptied their drawers and  asked their family and colleagues to do the same!!

Many thanks again to all the people who took part in these two December actions : your generosity is giving THEM such a great time!

Thank YOU for THEM !



Christmas parcels just arrived!

PICTURE OF THE DAY – French volunteer karine just arrived from Paris and haad all the offered enrichment items in her bags. Please, give us just some time to open all the bags and to check what our “Christmas Mother” has brought back for the chimps! Thank you, Karine for having accepted to travel with all these wonderful donations!!!



Christmas enrichment toys arrived in France!

PICTURE OF THE DAY – volunteer Karine, currently spending holidays in France, has just received the big parcels full of toys that have been recently offered thanks to the wonderful donation of Fran B, Laurence D, Lesley Ann M, Eva C, Céline L,  Carine L, Marc & Judith T, Joe B, Marc H, Louise Q and Sophie M!

The chimps will have loads of fun!

Thank YOU again for THEM!!!

Picasa noel.123456789

Christmas donations

YES! Our Sanctuary has been donated enough funds to buy the enrichment items for the chimps! We are so excited !! More toys have been ordered and now we really hope the parcels will arrive in time!

Many, many, many thanks to Fran B, Laurence D, Lesley Ann M, Valerie L,Eva C, Céline L, Carine L, Marc T, Joe B, Marc H, Louise Q and to Sophie M for their participation and their wish to give the chimps brand new enrichment toys!!!

noel merci3

Christmas donations

So far, 61% of the funds have been raised thanks to the wonderful kindness of Fran B, laurence D, Lesley Ann M, Valérie L, Céline L, Carine L and Eva C.

However, about 150 $ are still needed to help us achieve our goal. Please, share and help us find more Friends of J.A.C.K. ready to give so that we can offer the chimps new enrichment toys. Join us on our “Christmas” page

Thank YOU for THEM!

noel merci2


Christmas for THEM!

Christmas is coming soon and J.A.C.K. set up a small “Christmas” page to offer the rescued orphans new enrichment items. Please join us on our “Christmas” page

Thank YOU for THEM!


Maya not well

Maya is a young chimp female from the main group of orphans living at the Sanctuary. She hasn’t been doing very well recently: she lost a lot of fur, she seemed lethargic and looked depressed.

24.08.14 (3)-001

It was therefore decided to sedate her to get some blood samples. The lab results showed a serious anaemia and it was suggested Maya should have a particular diet essentially based on calories, proteines and iron. We isolated Maya for observation and we do offer her different types of food such as dry fruit (prunes, apricots, dates), cabbage, spinach, etc in addition to her normal meals. Also, Maya has  daily proteins through Sustagen Hospital Formula and we managed to find imported lentils that we mix in her mielie meal balls. Once Maya will be doing a lot better, more blood samples will have to be taken and more lab analyses will have to be done.

28.08.14 (3)

Maya is a strong chimp and we are convinved she’ll  feel better soon.


We would like to thank 4 good friends of J.A.C.K. who have helped us so far with Maya: Kelly Susan J., who sent us the Sustagen protein powder, Marie-Odile L and Carine L.T. who are Maya’s adopters, and Vanina C. who donated funds covering lab and pharmacy fees. We also want to thank Gladys C., our current local volunteer, who is preparing Maya’s proteins every day as well her daily enrichment items.

We hope to come back soon with good news regarding Maya,

Thank you,