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Queen Kaly

PICTURE OF THE DAY – high up the tower, (Queen) Kaly is playing King Kong!

JACK chimp sanctuary in the DRC

PICTURE OF THE DAY – J.A.C.K. sanctuary is located South DRC, not far from the Zambian border

Happy International Labour Day

PICTURE OF THE DAY – great complicity and fun while trying to have a decent 1st of May group photo. From left to right:
– row 1 : Justin, Landry & Maman Angeline
– row 2 : David, Yannik, Ngoy & Roxane

Were absent: Jérémi, Bondo, Jean Claude, Anne & Julie, NKulu & Georges, Franck (not always easy to gather everyone for a picture!)

Many thanks to our team for its patience, devotion, love and for its will to give these orphans the best! JACK is really proud of its team!

What’s wrong, Bihati?

As mentionnend recently, we decided to slightly sedate our young friend Bihati to get some blood samples.
So, last Friday, Vet Jean Claude helped us get the needed samples. Everything went well and today Bihati has totally recovered from the stress of sedation.
However, we remain extremely worried.
Yes. The blood tests show that Bihati is doing perfectly well which means we can’t explain why she has lost so much weight (a bit more than 10kgs in 2 months!) and why she now and then has slight fever…
We have contacted other vets for advice. Meanwhile, we do our best to keep Bihati’s temperature down and we try to give her all that she needs to feel well and comfortable!
We will keep you updated. Thank you for keeping sending Bihati your best thoughts !!!

latest updates on Doguy and Bihati

Remember, several weeks ago young Doguy was operated (ear problem) and Bihati had malaria.

Today, Doguy is back in his group and seems really to enjoy life with his friends. The wound of his ear is clean and totaly healed up – so, now, we can say this ear issue belongs definitely to the past!


Bihati is still among her friends, but despite her special diet, she seems to lose weight. Bihati is eating well, is as active as before, but her weight loss is horrible to see!


We intend to sedate Bihati tomorrow afternoon to collect blood samples. The vet thinks there might be an hepatic problem but let’s wait the blood tests. Meanwhile, please, keep Bihati in your thoughts and send her all your positive vibes!


Joma looking at the wrong place

PICTURE OF THE DAY – the keeper apparently managed to hide the enriched botlle well as Joma (right) is searching for treats somewhere else!

10 years !

Today, April 6th 2016, is JACK’s 10th Anniversary.

Our story started with JAK, the 1st baby chimpanzee orphan ever confiscated by DRC environment officials in South DRC.
JAK has given us the strength to save other lives and to become Ambassadors to protect his species. Thanks to JAK we created our sanctuary named J.A.C.K. to stop the use of chimpanzees in the illegal exotic pet trade as well as in the busmeat trade…

Today,10 years later, JAK is no longer with us, our hearts are still crying but we still have hope for his friends as we can now feel the results of this 10-year-fight : no more chimpanzees are to be seen on sale on the streets of Lubumbashi !

10 ans

Updates on Doguy & Bihati-

Last week, we talked about Doguy and Bihati : Doguy went through surgery last month and Bihati fell very sick (malaria).

Today, we can say there is some improvement.

  •  Doguy: his ear is now less swollen and there is still one stitch on the back of his ear. We’ve decided to keep him isolated a few more days as his friends might get rid of the stitch and hurt Doguy’s ear again…


  • Bihati is slightly better (no more fever, no lethargy) and was set back in her group yesterday. But because she is too slim, we isolate her at feeding time to be sure she takes in all the food. She is on a vitamin B treatment (+iron) and has a special diet . We keep our fingers crossed Bhati will continue improving..


Nursery Project II inaugurated

Thanks to the kindness of our generous sponsors, J.A.C.K. has developped since 2012 the building of 3 additional night rooms for the nursery group.

nursery2015 (4)

3 new night rooms for the youngsters of the nursery group

3 years later, Nursery Project II isn’t totaly finished but the chimpanzee orphans have already been able to enjoy their new night quarters.

nursery2015 (1)

inauguration of brand new night facilities

In 2015, sponsorship helped us do all the plumbing work, build huges nests, add some stairs to walk accross the tunnel and to open the tunnel. Also, a huge concrete slab has been set in front of the night quarters to drain water (rain, cleaning water).

nursery2015 (7)

fixing taps, waterpipes

nursery2015 (6)

huge nests

nursery2015 (8)

some stairs to walk accross tunnel

nursery2015 (3)

inauguration of tunnel linking open air playground and brand new night rooms

nursery2015 (2)

long concrete slab to facilitate water drainage

These developments were necessary: the orphans of the nursery group are getting bigger, stronger and need more space! Also, these new night facilities keep the very youngest babies safe from the wind, the cold and the rain ….

nursery2015 (9)

baby Kaly!

Still more developments are needed to complete the Nursery project II as J.A.C.K. now must focus on the open air playground: fix electrical fences, put solar pannels & batteries, add 2 more jungle gyms….

Constructions of 2015 have been done  thanks to the trust and the support of our great donors only: FONDATION BRIGITTE BARDOT,  the SWEDEN CHIMPANZEE TRUSTIPPL, , the ZOO of la PALMYRE and  . Again we at J.A.C.K. are grateful for their precious help as without their generosity, J.A.C.K. can’t give these orphans the difference!

Thank YOU all for THEM !

np merci

De tout coeur, pour EUX,MERCI !

Stressful week

We feel sorry we haven’t updated regularly. Not that we didn’t want to. No,no,  no… The recent days here have been so hectic and stressful we were not able to  sit and send updates…  Many unexpected problems occured at the same time and had to be tackled urgently!


One-week-attack of red ants!

Red ants are everywhere at JACK and they cross the sanctuary when the first rains start or at the end of the rainy season. We normally don’t have problems: once they show up, we just let them go through and wait until they have gone.Sometimes the chimps are kept indoors if the playgrounds are invaded…

This year, red ants have been extremely aggressive and intrusive. The chimps don’t like them since these ants bite, inject an anaestethic venom and eat any creature on their path. Our borders suffered a lot last week:  the ants attacked at night, entered the night rooms and we had to move the chimps to safer rooms…

There is no use in burning them nor using insecticide:  once the ants are separated from their group, it takes hours before they build columns and leave…To make them change their route, we use floor and salt which we put at strategic places : the floor keeps them stuck and the salt stings their legs.

Capture plein écran 24032016 110137

Capture plein écran 24032016 110055

Floor and salt have always had a positive impact: the ants aren’t killed, but they simply change their routes …

Capture plein écran 24032016 110042

We haven’t seen the ants since last Tuesday. We hope they have found a place to settle during winter (dry season).


Internal haematoma

A young male chimpanzee named Doguy had his right ear doubling in size in just a few days and we believe he probably had a painful shock.

oreille1 (1)

Treatment didn’t work at all (hopefully there was no fever!) and the vet decided to sedate and to make a small cut to get rid of the liquid: the ear was full of blood and blood clots.

oreille1 (2)

The operation lasted about 3 long hours: aesthetic surgery was also needed to give the ear its original shape. Doguy is doing a lot better. The ear isn’t swollen any more but some infection appeared yesterday as Doguy touches the wound and his hands aren’t always very clean… We are keeping a close eye on Doguy day and night..


Malaria ?

Bihati is a young female chimpnazee of about 10 years old. She’s is always extremely playful and loves any kind of enrichment item we organise. However, for the last 5 days, Bihati hasn’t been interested in enrichment any more, she only likes to stay all day long in her nest, has lost some weight and looks terribly down. Since she has become weak and fragile, the vet doesn’t want to make her go s=through the stress of darting and sedation… Fever has now gone, her stools are ok and we are trying to get some urine samples to have more analysis… Bad-tempered these days, Bihati doesn’t want to be touched nor hugged: it seems all her body is sore !! We now think Bihati might have malaria (remember, chimpanzees are close to humans and have the same diseases!) and the vet is now studying on what has to be done to make Bihati feel better!

Capture plein écran 24032016 065912



The recent terrorist attacks have affected JACK: its founders are French and Belgian and Roxane & Franck’s families live in Brussels. Family is okay and so are most of the Friends of JACK staying in the Begian capital.However, one friend hasn’t yet replied to the different email/texts…Let’s hope she is safe!




Economic recession 

Our country too goes through a deep economic recession and the area we live is mainly living on mining industry which is currently dismissing many people. Copper prices have decreased drastically worldwide. This means several companies here South DRC had to close down.

In addition to this, prices are rising, there is no money, no more investments: 2016 is also the year of the presidential elections here and people refuse to invest, to spend money.

This situation is extremely critical for JACK: our NGO lives on donations only and relies on the generosity of its sponsors & partners.

A few days ago, our oldest DRC sponsor (also our main sponsor) has decided to cut his annual sponsorship by more than 60% – which leaves us breathless and extremely anxious about the future of the orphans. We try to remain positive, to think positive but reality catches up with us every day!

As you can see we have just been through restless days and nights. We will try to give you different updates on what is going on here…