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Rainy days (1)

QUESTION : Elia, what is your favorite activity when it’s raining outside and that you have to remain indoors?

ELIA’s ANSWER : I love watching the keeper when he’s cleaning our night facilities and, by the way, I wish I could steal that floor scraper from him to have some fun!

elia balais

Happy Anniversary, Maya

PICTURE OF THE DAY – 9 years today that we rescued this young chimpanzee. She lived in another city (Mbuji-Mayi) in a kind family where she was kept in good captive conditions…Today, Maya is a very calm, curious and extremely sensitive…

maya 9 ans

Little Mata loves milk!

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – baby Mata loves milk and enjoys every drop of it!

Bapu badly sick

As mentioned yesterday, flu has started at JACK in the Nursery group and young female Bapu isn’t doing well at all…. she’s breathing badly, is feverish and refuses any food… Please, send her all your positive thoughts and prayers…Bapu really needs us all! Thank you for HER!

heavy rains, bad flu

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – it has been raining for days now and the chimps have flu. Thanks to our team, the chimps are getting all the care and attention they need. Today, before they all get their warm tea/milk, it’s Papa Jeremi who is giving the chimps their different medications (cough syrups, antibiotics, vitamins) mixed with honey…

milk moustache

PICTURE OF THE DAY – when having a cup of milk, do you also get a milk moustache like baby Mata???

01 - jan6

Tika tickling Tommy

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – Dominant Tika is tickling younger male Tommy who seems to appreciate Tika’s attention!

Each to his own

PICTURES OF THE DAY – each to his own: whether having breakfast by the water or enjoying breakfast … in the water  !

Jane & Bachi

jane & bachi

Zamba & Doguy

ZAMBA & doguy

early morning milk for Mata & Kaly

PICTURE OF THE DAY – early morning milk for baby Mata (right) and friend Kaly with Mama Angeline

Angeline, kaly & mata

Kaly trying to build her nest

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – baby Kaly is upset as friend Luna is preventing her from building her nest…