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Luna & Mata

PICTURE OF THE DAY : young female Luna is like a little Mom to baby Mata !



PICTURE OF THE DAY – baby Kaly says ‘hello!’


Baby Mata puzzled

PICTURE OF THE DAY – baby Mata puzzled by an insect hidden in the leaves


A selfie of SEKI

PICTURE OF THE DAY – do you like selfies? This is one of SEKI, one of our oldest males


Bihati, we will ALWAYS love YOU!

No words for today as we are all profoundly sad…

Young friend Bihati left us a few days ago. She was waiting for the team and for Roxane to come to tell them goodbye before falling into a deep coma. It’s a 15 cm big tumour that took Bihati from us. Roxane held her hand till her last breath. All Bihati’s friends shouted and best friend Maya made sounds we had never heard before. As if she could feel Bihati had gone… Very touching moments 🙁

Because we can’t find the words to expressour sadness, wemade a small video in honour of Bihati.

Bihati, we will ALWAYS love YOU!

Many  hanks again to all the Friends who helped Bihati. And also many, many thanks to 3 wonderful people who followed Bihati closely and who had precious advice: Sheri Speed, Estelle Ralballand and Thalita Calvi. It was great working with the 3 of you!


Chita’s Jungle Gym – Day 3

Today is D-day!

Yes, the surprise we have been promissing for the last few days is actually a short movie of the inauguration of the Jungle Gym. We thought Chita and his friends would be scared, but, in fact, they ran and jumped immediately onto the metallic structure…

See by yourselves :

Thank you again so much to all the people who helped JACK made this dream come true. It seems the chimps do really enjoy and love their Jungle Gym and we are extremely happy for them!


Tongo likes to stay with older females

PICTURE OF THE DAY – TONGO (right) is the youngest chimpanzee orphan of our group of subadults. He likes to hang around with older females and, on the picture here, he is with KINA.

tongo & kina

Zamba, 9th Anniversary

PICTURE OF THE DAY – 9 years today that we rescued this young female! Happy Anniversary, Zamba!

Luna, a good mom to baby Mata

PICTURE OF THE DAY – moments of love and tenderness: young Luna (left) hugging baby Mata tight Luna arrived at JACK in 2011 and was so young she even couldn’t walk!
Today, she has become a little mom, a point of reference to baby Mata in order to make him feel good and well.
Both orphans have been rescued by JACK from the horrible bushmeat trade. Both have seen their family slaughtered in front of their eyes. Poachers aren’t scrupulous and just kill to get as much money out of this as possible and, unfortunately, most african countries don’t act and aren’t even aware their so unique wildlife heritage is disappearing in a glimpse of an eye… too bad…too sad!!!

hunting for honey with Jeremy

PICTURE OF THE DAY – Papa Jeremy is teaching baby Mata how to use a stick to get honey from the fake termite mound

jeremi & mata