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J.A.C.K., a cohesive team

J.A.C.K. is a cohesive team motivated by a shared goal: to provide these chimp orphans rescued from the busmeat trade with the best care and with loads of Love!


Australian Guardian Angels

Today, we would like to thank 3 Friends of J.A.C.K. living in Australia who have helped Bihati at the early beginning of her health issues.

These Friends are:

1/ Kelly.

Kelly has been following our sanctuary for many years now and, once she heard Bihati wasn’t doing well, she decided to send her some Kids Essentials (protein powder) which Bihati loves!!!

kelly (1)


2/ Jo & Ryan

Both Friends volunteered at the sanctuary last year and Jo worked with Bihati. They both wished to help us with our sick friend and therefore, since Ryan was travelling back to the DRC, they contacted Kelly to collect the Kids Essenials boxes to drop them at J.A.C.K. ! A moving gesture as Bihati has been able to enjoy this protein treat that has given her some strength back!

kelly (2)

Kelly, Jo & Ryan, many thanks for your support and for your Love for Bihati & her Friends.

You are Bihati’s Guardian Angels!

kelly (3)

a selfie of Bihati


Tongo likes to stay with older females

PICTURE OF THE DAY – TONGO (right) is the youngest chimpanzee orphan of our group of subadults. He likes to hang around with older females and, on the picture here, he is with KINA.

tongo & kina

Bihati thanks you!

Several days ago, the PanAfrican Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) as well as a few friends launched an appeal to help our sick friend Bihati.

Many of you did reply and we are extremely grateful of your support as it has been helping our sanctuary purchase the needed drugs we couldn’t find here in the DRC and which have come from Zambia and Europe.


Although Bihati’s health seemed stabilized last week and responded to the new antibiotic treatment, today she looks tired as if she doesn’t want to fight any more. She is still eating and drinking, but she is losing strength mentally and physically. All our team is concerned and stays with her as much as possible to provide all the love and care she needs…

Keep strong, Bihati! We all LOVE you and want you to recover as fast as possible!

bihati merci.2

J.A.C.K. again wishes to thank the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) for its Newsletter. Also, many thanks to the following Friends of JACK who sent us their precious aid: Kelly J., Jo and Ryan, Leanne H, Patti C, Lauren H, Stacey M.C, Stephanie E, John G, Sarah S, Oliver W, Malcolm G, Maria Susana P, Meghan H, Wanda H, Itsaso V, Eva MC, Marina DR, Burglind D, Kristina K, Antonia W, Kristine & Tyler, Wendy M, Frances B, Nancy G, Alison B, Amy M, George WB, Rob Q, Lesa M and Tania F. Your help has been really appreciated!


But Kaly, where are you?

PICTURE OF THE DAY – although most of our energy is focused on Bihati’s heath issue, her 38 chimpanzee friends aren’t neglected and we do still keep a good eye on all of them! Life must continue and it seems some of the youngsters are having great fun: Mata (left) is with Luna (top) and they are both trying to catch Kaly who is hidden in the blue barrel!


Sanctuary going through tough times

We haven’t been able to update for long. Sorry about this. Things have been extremely tough emotionnaly but also financially as the fate of a sick orphan can put the lives of her 38 chimpanzee friends at risk…

Read more via PASA Newsletter :




Bihati’s health is deteriorating

Sorry, not much time to update as life has been too hectic here with Bihati, the sick chimpanzee. Yes, her health is deteriorating day by day. We managed to get some ultrasound scan, x-ray and other analyses. Because her haemoglobine was too low, it was suggested to transfuse Bihati. However, not having the equipment nor the means, we opted for a shock treatment (plasma substitute). Today, Bihati is weak, has eaten and drunk little. We pray she’ll be beter soon. We are now focused on what is causing such pain to her as we want to give her the appropriated treatment.

We will keep you posted. Meanwhile, keep Bihati, please, in your prayers and send her all your positive thoughts. JACK does its best but finances are extremely tight especially sinceour country is struck by drastic economic recession and political unrest. You can help JACK via following link:

Many thanks in advance for your prayers and thoughts! A huge THANK YOU to our volunteer vet Jean Claude for his hard work and professionalism. Thank you also to Doctor Marc who did the ultrasounds yesterday. Also many, many thanks to two vets who have been constantly in touch with us from abroad and who have been of good help and advice: Kel (Australia) and Katja (South Africa).


bihati sick.369

Queen Kaly

PICTURE OF THE DAY – high up the tower, (Queen) Kaly is playing King Kong!

JACK chimp sanctuary in the DRC

PICTURE OF THE DAY – J.A.C.K. sanctuary is located South DRC, not far from the Zambian border

Happy International Labour Day

PICTURE OF THE DAY – great complicity and fun while trying to have a decent 1st of May group photo. From left to right:
– row 1 : Justin, Landry & Maman Angeline
– row 2 : David, Yannik, Ngoy & Roxane

Were absent: Jérémi, Bondo, Jean Claude, Anne & Julie, NKulu & Georges, Franck (not always easy to gather everyone for a picture!)

Many thanks to our team for its patience, devotion, love and for its will to give these orphans the best! JACK is really proud of its team!