To help our DRC Sanctuary, you can adopt a chimpanzee.

Yes, here at J.A.C.K.  Sanctuary in Southern DRC, we really need your help to take care of these orphans who didn’t ask to be rescued and to be kept in captivity!

Every day, we do our best to raise some money for them. But locally, it is nearly impossible since this part of the world is extremely poor. Therefore, we need YOU! You are the only way to provide these creatures a better life. J.A.C.K. lives only on donations and thanks to the adoption program, a few extra funds can be collected to give the chimps the best!

If you adopt a chimpanzee, you directly become a member of our Sanctuary and you will receive our “Chimp E-news“, which is our newsletter.

Also, an “Adoption Certificate” will be sent to you as well as the biography of your adopted chimpanzee orphan. Nearly every month, Roxane (co-founder of sanctuary) will email you updates, pictures or even short footages of your chimpanzee friend!

So, don’t hesitate. if you really wish to be part of our action and if you really want to help, adopt one of the 9 orphans presented below. For 15 USD/month and for a minimum period of 6 months, you can follow the progress of your adopted chimpanzee!

Today, 9  young chimpanzees can be adopted. Contact us for adoption details ([email protected] ) or click on the picture of the selected orphan.

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All proceeds from the adoptions cover food and veterinary care to the orphan chimpanzees living at J.A.C.K. Sanctuary.


Thank you so much for THEM!

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