Monthly Archives: June 2016

J.A.C.K., a cohesive team

J.A.C.K. is a cohesive team motivated by a shared goal: to provide these chimp orphans rescued from the busmeat trade with the best care and with loads of Love!

Australian Guardian Angels

Today, we would like to thank 3 Friends of J.A.C.K. living in Australia who have helped Bihati at the early beginning of her health issues. These Friends are: 1/ Kelly. Kelly has been following our sanctuary for many years now and, once she heard Bihati wasn’t doing well, she decided to send her some Kids […]

Tongo likes to stay with older females

PICTURE OF THE DAY – TONGO (right) is the youngest chimpanzee orphan of our group of subadults. He likes to hang around with older females and, on the picture here, he is with KINA.

Bihati thanks you!

Several days ago, the PanAfrican Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) as well as a few friends launched an appeal to help our sick friend Bihati. Many of you did reply and we are extremely grateful of your support as it has been helping our sanctuary purchase the needed drugs we couldn’t find here in the DRC and […]