Monthly Archives: June 2016

Luna & Mata

PICTURE OF THE DAY : young female Luna is like a little Mom to baby Mata !

Thank you, Fondation Brigitte Bardot

We are pleased to announce the support of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation which has been helping our sanctuary since 2009. This 2016 aid will help us develop the open air playground of the Nursery II Project. This means that the youngsters of our Nursery group will soon be offered a new Jungle Gym and a […]

Mouth, hands & feet

PICTURE OF THE DAY – hands and mouth full for young male Kimo  


PICTURE OF THE DAY – baby Kaly says ‘hello!’

Baby Mata puzzled

PICTURE OF THE DAY – baby Mata puzzled by an insect hidden in the leaves

A selfie of SEKI

PICTURE OF THE DAY – do you like selfies? This is one of SEKI, one of our oldest males

Bihati, we will ALWAYS love YOU!

No words for today as we are all profoundly sad… Young friend Bihati left us a few days ago. She was waiting for the team and for Roxane to come to tell them goodbye before falling into a deep coma. It’s a 15 cm big tumour that took Bihati from us. Roxane held her hand […]

Chita’s Jungle Gym – Day 3

Today is D-day! Yes, the surprise we have been promissing for the last few days is actually a short movie of the inauguration of the Jungle Gym. We thought Chita and his friends would be scared, but, in fact, they ran and jumped immediately onto the metallic structure… See by yourselves : Thank you again […]

Chita’s Jungle Gym – Day 2

Yesterday, we showed you the first steps of ┬áthe construction of Chita’s new Jungle Gym. Today, Day 2, we had to definitely end this building project but we couldn’t . Read why… at sunrise, our welder, Georges, fixed the frames of the highest platform then, he welded all the metallic sheets onto the frames while […]

Chita’s Jungle Gym – Day 1

Remember, last December, we fundraised to offer a Christmas present for our group of ┬ásubadult chimps. The aim was to collect some funds to build a huge Jungle Gym that would keep the chimps fit and also provide them with some shade and shelter during the rainy season and the hot dry season.   End […]