Monthly Archives: April 2016

What’s wrong, Bihati?

As mentionnend recently, we decided to slightly sedate our young friend Bihati to get some blood samples. So, last Friday, Vet Jean Claude helped us get the needed samples. Everything went well and today Bihati has totally recovered from the stress of sedation. ¬† However, we remain extremely worried. Yes. The blood tests show that […]

Zamba, 9th Anniversary

PICTURE OF THE DAY – 9 years today that we rescued this young female! Happy Anniversary, Zamba!

latest updates on Doguy and Bihati

Remember, several weeks ago young Doguy was operated (ear problem) and Bihati had malaria. Today, Doguy is back in his group and seems really to enjoy life with his friends. The wound of his ear is clean and totaly healed up – so, now, we can say this ear issue belongs definitely to the past! […]

Joma looking at the wrong place

PICTURE OF THE DAY – the keeper apparently managed to hide the enriched botlle well as Joma (right) is searching for treats somewhere else!

Luna, a good mom to baby Mata

PICTURE OF THE DAY – moments of love and tenderness: young Luna (left) hugging baby Mata tight Luna arrived at JACK in 2011 and was so young she even couldn’t walk! Today, she has become a little mom, a point of reference to baby Mata in order to make him feel good and well. Both […]

10 years !

Today, April 6th 2016, is JACK’s 10th Anniversary. Our story started with JAK, the 1st baby chimpanzee orphan ever confiscated by DRC environment officials in South DRC. JAK has given us the strength to save other lives and to become Ambassadors to protect his species. Thanks to JAK we created our sanctuary named J.A.C.K. to […]

Updates on Doguy & Bihati-

Last week, we talked about Doguy and Bihati : Doguy went through surgery last month and Bihati fell very sick (malaria). Today, we can say there is some improvement. ¬†Doguy: his ear is now less swollen and there is still one stitch on the back of his ear. We’ve decided to keep him isolated a […]

Nursery Project II inaugurated

Thanks to the kindness of our generous sponsors, J.A.C.K. has developped since 2012 the building of 3 additional night rooms for the nursery group. 3 years later, Nursery Project II isn’t totaly finished but the chimpanzee orphans have already been able to enjoy their new night quarters. In 2015, sponsorship helped us do all the […]