Monthly Archives: March 2016

Stressful week

We feel sorry we haven’t updated regularly. Not that we didn’t want to. No,no,  no… The recent days here have been so hectic and stressful we were not able to  sit and send updates…  Many unexpected problems occured at the same time and had to be tackled urgently!   One-week-attack of red ants! Red ants […]

Rosie wishes you a good day!

PICTURE OF THE DAY: Rosie: wishing you a beautiful day!

Tika’s breakfast

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – Bright and sunny weather this morning and the chimps had their breakfast on their playgrounds. Today, they had banana leaves as enrichment and Tika sat with some members of his group. Not all were allowed to eat with him… Tika is the boss!  

many thanks to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation

As mentionned several months ago, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation has been helping J.A.C.K. since 2009 and thanks to its precious support & trust, our Sanctuary has been able to achieve great and wonderful things for our chimpanzee and bushbaby boarders! In 2015, the French Foundation decided it would support the building of a Jungle Gym for […]

Tongo loves cardboard boxes

PICTURE OF THE DAY – cardboard boxes enriched with yummy pieces of apples had been displayed on the different playgrounds of the chimps this morning. After eating the hidden treats, young Tongo didn’t want to tear the box and is now (two hours later!) still playing with it!

International Women’s Day

March 8/ INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY – Happy Women’s Day to all our friends and especially to the ladies who work at J.A.C.K. : Maman Angeline (= surrogate mom also in charge of the kitchen), our volunteers Julie, Anne & Sandrine and Roxane (co-founder of sanctuary).

Yannik collecting fresh leaves

PICTURE OF THE DAY – keeper yannik collecting fresh leaves for the morning enrichment of our hairy friends

Lynn having breakfast

PICTURE OF THE DAY – best way to have breakfast for Lynn!