Monthly Archives: February 2016

Africa & Ekolo

PICTURE OF THE DAY – young female Africa (left) hates pictures and alsways runs away when she sees my camera. But I finally managed to get a picture of her when she was groomed by little Ekolo!

The Rangers of JACK

Since the 2013 arson, our sanctuary is hiring ¬†armed Rangers to ensure security of the complex, of the team and of course of the chimps! Yes, remember, since JACK started in 2006, the sanctuary faced several acts of sabotage among which two criminal fires who cost the lives of two orphan chimpanzees: JAK & TOUZO. […]

hunting for honey with Jeremy

PICTURE OF THE DAY – Papa Jeremy is teaching baby Mata how to use a stick to get honey from the fake termite mound

Rainy days (3)

PICTURE OF THE DAY – QUESTION TO TIKA – what do you usually do when it’s raining and when you have to remain indoors with your group? TIKA’s ANSWER – I love to go outside and once I am kept indoors, I create havoc ! But I cool down easily especially when we get our […]

so happy to see the sun shining again!

PICTURES OF THE DAY – a wonderful sun shining this morning which brought a lot of excitement among the orphans since the gloomy and rainy past days had kept them indoors most of the time! All the chimps were happy this morning and also enjoyed their playgrounds enriched with hidden banana-tree-trunks and freshly cut leaves!

JACK in the US

PICTURE OF THE DAY – sorry for the lack of recent updates but Franck, CEO and Founder of JACK, has been to the US (Boston) for PASA meetings since last Wednesday and I admit that without my husband here life is very hectic! Franck & I do run JACK together + our professional & family […]

Rainy season is Summer

PICTURES OF THE DAY – heavy rains… Instead of carrying the basin, Mama Angeline rather put it over her head … But the rainy season here is also our austral Summer which means Mother Nature sparkles brilliantly !

Happy Valentine’s Day

Rainy days (2)

QUESTION – Kaly, what do you usually do when it’s raining outside and you have to remain indoors? KALY’s ANSWER – the keepers always give me cardboard boxes and balls as they know I really love these enrichment items!

Rainy days (1)

QUESTION : Elia, what is your favorite activity when it’s raining outside and that you have to remain indoors? ELIA’s ANSWER : I love watching the keeper when he’s cleaning our night facilities and, by the way, I wish I could steal that floor scraper from him to have some fun!