Monthly Archives: January 2016

updates on our Christmas fundraising

Remember, early December last year, we launched a fundraising appeal to collect money for a Jungle Gym for the chimp teenagers group of JACK. Today, we can say that the total amount ($5,524) to build this huge play tower for Chita and his friends has been collected since JACK fundraised along with its French charity […]

Bapu back in her group

PICTURE OF THE DAY – great news for today: BAPU is now back with the others of her group! She is still coughing a bit but all is okay for her for now…it is such a relief to us to see her feeling well again and we would like to thank YOU ALL for your […]

some improvement for Bapu

PICTURE OF THE DAY & UPDATES ON BAPU – we are very happy as some Belgian friends of JACK sent us a parcel full of drugs which will help us with Bapu. There are some improvements today regarding the young female: she moved a bit this morning and also had fresh fruits for breakfast… many […]

Bapu badly sick

As mentioned yesterday, flu has started at JACK in the Nursery group and young female Bapu isn’t doing well at all…. she’s breathing badly, is feverish and refuses any food… Please, send her all your positive thoughts and prayers…Bapu really needs us all! Thank you for HER!

heavy rains, bad flu

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – it has been raining for days now and the chimps have flu.¬†Thanks to our team, the chimps are getting all the care and attention they need.¬†Today, before they all get their warm tea/milk, it’s Papa Jeremi who is giving the chimps their different medications (cough syrups, antibiotics, vitamins) mixed with […]

milk moustache

PICTURE OF THE DAY – when having a cup of milk, do you also get a milk moustache like baby Mata???

Miss you, Santa

Baby SANTA, If the days won’t allow to see each other any more, Memories will, And if my eyes can’t see you, My heart will never forget YOU…

Tika tickling Tommy

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – Dominant Tika is tickling younger male Tommy who seems to appreciate Tika’s attention!


PICTURES OF THE DAY – despite the visit of the film crew, life must continue! A flu outbreak has recently started because of the rainy season and honey, garlic & lemon are on the menu!

French film crew

PICTURES OF THE DAY – very busy days as a French film crew has just arrived to cover the story of our Sanctuary. This is a great and wonderful opportunity for our team to show the world all it has achieved so far… many thanks to the French TV for its interest and wish to […]