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because hope springs eternal

I am baby Mata. I have just recovered from the loss of my mom and of my group. I am getting healthy & strong but today I am longing for a good friend who will love me and adopt me… Please, join me on my page: http://jackchimp.yolasite.com/i-adoptmata.php and get your personalised 2016 New Year present! […]

Christmas at JACK

PICTURES OF THE DAY – no power, no water but great Happiness at Christmas thanks to the kindness of two Lubumbashi friends who offered the team and the chimps plenty of goodies and who want to remain anonymous! Many thanks again for these wonderful Christmas presents! Both team & chimps really appreciated!! since the sanctuary […]

Happy Holidays


VIDEO OF THE WEEK – Chimpanzees wadge in order to extract nutrients from fibrous foods. They sometimes masticate their food for hours and then spit the dry wadge out or use it as a spunge to collect water… baby Tommy seems to be an expert !

updates on our GoFundme event

Many many thanks to Catherine H, Corinna M.S., Wanda H, Eva C and to Suzanne M for their support! Thanks to them, 3,5 % of the funds have so far been collected via Paypal and this GoFundMe event… We hope you’ll join us too!! Here is our fundraising event on GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/gudbr9bf Chita, Bachi & the […]

Coco and his left forefinger

PICTURE OF THE DAY – young friend Coco is easy to recognise as, despite his age n size, he always likes to suck his left forefinger!

Lynn mothering Ekolo

PICTURE OF THE DAY – Lynn loves to mother young Ekolo who is nearly the same age and size as her!

Vida full of life

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – it’s always good to see them playing like this!

shade & shelter for Christmas

Our sanctuary today looks after 39 rescued chimpanzees. All of them have been saved from the bushmeat trade and from the illegal exotic pet trade. They are divided into two groups: the main group  and the nursery group. From the early beginning since we started this refuge centre in Lubumbashi in 2006 together with the […]

Friends of JACK in the US

Today, friends of JACK in the US work actively to support our orphans: Chela House will be selling necklaces, giftcards and wallets  at a Holiday Fair which is taking place next Saturday, Dec 5th,  at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church – Saratoga (CA) Here is the link of the event in case you are not […]