Monthly Archives: November 2015

different colors

PICTURE OF THE DAY – cups of different colours to be sure each sick chimp gets his/her daily medication

enriched bottles

PICTURES OF THE DAY – enriched bottles keep taste buds as well as mind busy!  

Intrusive Dian

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – little Rosie was happy as she was building her nest. But, then, Dian arrived….

Seki looks happy

PICTURES OF THE DAY – young male Seki had to be isolated because of wounds (see scar on his back) and today he seems more than happy to be back in his group and to enjoy the enriched bottles

Mwisho & ball

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – some chimps can be very destructive

heat and treat

PICTURES OF THE DAY – yes,  heats rimes with treats and a friend of JACK who wants to remain anonymous offered us 144 cartons of fruit juice that we have kept for several days in the freezer to provide the chimps with ice treats. Last night, temperatures approximated 82° F in the night facilities and […]

some shade, please

PICTURE OF THE DAY – despite the few rains we’ve recently had here South DRC, the weather is still very hot! the chimps try to find the best place in the shade – would you be able to stand the heat (100°F) with such a thick and furry skin???

to stop illegal great ape trade

To stop illegal trade of great apes is a priority if we want these species to survive and if we want our grand children to have the chance to see these creatures in their wild habitat. These are the reasons why Franck and I do work daily via our NGO, J.A.C.K.. Today, Franck is at […]

a playful Sunday

Babies Kimo, Tommy and Ekolo have had so much fun today!

deep bites

PICTURES OF THE DAY – deep bites on Seki’s back: the young male probably upset Mwisho, the dominant.. the antibiotics we received last July come just at the right time!