Monthly Archives: October 2015

what are you doing, Wanza?

PICTURE OF THE DAY – chimps are said to be excellent imitators but, please, don’t ask us who of J.A.C.K. young Wanza is imitating !!!

baby Luna upset

PICTURE OF THE DAY – baby Luna seems upset as there’s no treat left in her enrichment toy

inventive Tommy

PICTURES OF THE DAY – chimps are known to invent & create tools…baby Tommy is very tired the bigger ones steal his treats from him and this time he decided to be threatening by swirling his ice bottle in the air as if he were holding a club in his hands…

nap in the shade

PICTURE OF THE DAY – a good nap after lunch and the horrible heat…

Lynn enjoying water games

PICTURES OF THE DAY – with such hot weather, young Lynn is enjoying water games!!


PICTURE OF THE DAY -‘ bukari’ or ‘fu fu’ is the local common name for mealy meal, the traditional dish made of ground flour DRC people eat daily. Chimps do like to have their bukari balls every day too and, today, it is Papa Jeremie who is cooking the 120 mealy meal balls for them! For […]

frozen fruit salad

PICTURES OF THE DAY – temperatures these days exceed 100°F and the chimps really enjoy their ice enrichment treats (=bottles of frozen fruit salad)

Kala 2 years

PICTURE OF THE DAY – meeting Kala was an unforgettable experience… two years today that you left us, Kala! you will never be forgotten! we all miss you  

first tourism fair of Katanga

As previously mentioned, our NGO was selected to be among the different exhibitors of the first international tourism fair of Katanga. All our efforts have been concentrated on our booth: we wanted it to be attractive, interesting and educational. We therefore wish to heartly thank an active member of J.A.C.K., Jean-Pierre M, who ran our […]