Monthly Archives: September 2015

don’t touch my treat!

PICTURE OF THE DAY – little Ekolo defending his ice treat as chimp Pasa (right) is trying to steal it from him!

the good deal !

PICTURE OF THE DAY – Tika’s first mission after a good lunch = getting some shade to have a great deserved nap!

8 years at JACK

PICTURE OF THE DAY – 8 years today that we rescued young friend JAC for this horrible trader who had put the poor orphan chimp on sale on one of the local markets… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, JAC!

too many

Many apes are currently captured, abused by humans and even abandonned. Some of these are known through Internet since people with a great heart fight every day to bring them the best. However, other primates don’t have such guardian angels and remain forever in the dark. These are the ones I wish to honnor today. […]

Katanga International Tourism Fair

Thanks to the kindness of one of our good friends, Mr Isaac from Okapi Tours, our Sanctuary will be among the fair’s exhibitors at the first International Tourism Fair of Katanga. A short visit of J.A.C.K. is also scheduled on Sept 24th at about 4pm.

hide n seek

PICTURES OF THE DAY – this is beautiful Africa when she isn’t playing hide & seek with our camera!

bug bite

PICTURE OF THE DAY – Rosie’s cheek swollen because of a bug bite; it worsened but today she is doing a lot better!

when JAK meets PAL

PICTURE OF THE DAY – so many emotions when JAK meets PAL! Yes, PAL is the first chimp rescued in October 1983 by Sheila & David Siddle, founders of the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage (ZAMBIA). And JAK, as you surely know, is the first baby orphan chimpanzee saved by Franck & Roxane Chantereau, founders of our […]

J.A.C.K. chimp sanctuary South DRC

Here is the video of friends who visited us some years ago. The orphans and the complex have become bigger since then but the situation is still the same: great apes are poached in the DRC, J.A.C.K. managed to stop the illegal chimpanzee trade in Lubumbashi, the sanctuary lives on donations only, has reached full […]

Gone too soon

Gone too soon… JAK & TOUZO, 9 years today! If you don’t know the story of these little ones, here is the link: http://jack.wildlifedirect.org/…/jack-a-refuge-centre-for-…/