Monthly Archives: August 2015

let’s bring light!

Our sanctuary is a DRC NGO living on donations only and, thanks to the kindness of its donors and sponsors, J.A.C.K. can make huge steps forward to increase the well fare of its boarders and of its team. Today, we want to speak about ‘magic’! Yes, we didn’t have power nor a generator at J.A.C.K.: […]

rumbling earth

PICTURE OF THE DAY – strange experience to wake up in the middle of the night with walls, windows shaking and the earth rumbling….I counted about 19 secons before all was quiet again! According to keeper Yannik, the chimps were quiet except the very young ones of the Nursery group who couldn’t fall asleep again […]

Kina, Doguy & Tongo

PICTURES OF THE DAY – young chimp orphans having so much fun: Tongo, Doguy & Kina

iced treats

PICTURE OF THE DAY – afternoons on this side of the planet are getting quite hot these days and some iced treats are regularly been offered to our hairy friends … Today, Papa Ngoy, our keeper in charge of this Sunday’s enrichment, was excited to offer the chimps small plastic bottles full of fresh-iced-fruit…


PICTURE OF THE DAY – once Elia has eaten up all the treats hidden in the socks, she loves to put them on… sometimes her socks can last for several days before being destroyed

a great Sunday

PICTURE OF THE DAY – baby Mata wishing you a wonderful Sunday!


PICTURES OF THE DAY – every day we organise enrichment on both outside and inside the facilities…the chimps just love ‘fishing’ honey!

Maïka in cigar-mode

PICTURES OF THE DAY – Maïka teaching how to hold a piece of sugar cane in the mouth just like a cigar! but were did she see this? we have no smokers at the sanctuary!!

Rosie & the reed

PICTURES OF THE DAY – young Rosie has finally understood it’s easier to drink straight from the pond than to collect water with a small piece of reed…