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bamboo enrichment

PICTURES OF THE DAY –  bamboo is a great material to use with chimps as it is generally resililient to chimps’ teeth hard times. We do our best at JACK to use varied enrichment items and bamboo is used in both inside and outside facilities… the chimps just love it!


PICTURES OF THE DAY – J.A.C.K. was donated some bamboo a few weeks ago. But why does J.A.C.K. need bamboo?

the future

big boy

PICTURE OF THE DAY – little Mata is becoming a big boy as he now can hold his milk bottle on his own!!! Well done, baby Mata! We are so proud of you!


PICTURE OF THE DAY – volunteer Karine is now gone back to Europe and our team does its utmost to apply all the great enrichment teaching it had from her. Today, Papa Jeremie is filling the enrichment toys with some donated lettuce, carrot, prunes and bread! Well done, Jérémie ! The chimps just loved your […]


PICTURE OF THE DAY – it’s always very stressful when we have to sedate a chimp. Yesterday, two implants were changed (Zamba & Elia) and everything went well! many thanks to our volunteer vet Jean Claude!


PICTURE OF THE DAY –  please, meet Copito ! I know, J.A.C.K.is a sanctuary rescuing chimpanzees!!! but we do love animals at J.A.C.K. and Copito is part our family. Copito knows the chimps too well as he spends most of his time there with us and everyone at J.A.C.K. (team & chimps) knows the little dog!!!

merci Karine

PICTURE OF THE DAY – Karine came to volunteer at our sanctuary only a few months ago and had to go back to France. She brought a lot of wonderful enrichment ideas to J.A.C.K., she offered the chimps so much fun and enrichment. We really do thank her for the Love, the patience and all […]

milk is ready!

PICTURE OF THE DAY – 7.30 am this morning: it’s milk time. Mama Angeline has just prepared the milk and the tea and she’s carrying all the bottles to feed the nursery group…


Two weeks ago, our sanctuary launched an appeal: we were asking if one of the local companies could have an empty truck driving from a city called Fungurume to our place in Lubumbashi (about 200 kms) since a farm was offering plenty of hay we need for the beddings of the chimps. It is still […]