Monthly Archives: May 2015

grateful Maman Angeline

Remember, today, it’s been a year our surrogate mom Maman Angeline started working again after the terrible accident she had had on the road. These had been tough times for us: J.A.C.K. worries about the well fare of the rescued chimpanzee orphans, but J.A.C.K. team is a priority too ! This is why we fundraised […]

fresh lettuce

PICTURE OF THE DAY – gardner Landry is harvesting fresh lettuce to offer the chimps at lunch time – Bon appétit!

morning enrichment

Keeper Ngoy is organising morning enrichment by filling up the different toys with fresh fruit & leaves, sweet potatoes,… which the chimps really love!

growing vegetables

dry season is on its way and our seed trays are full of lettuce and cabbage – which the chimps love!

Kimo the acrobat

When baby chimp Kimo was rescued in November 2008 it was said he had  neurological problems probably caused by a knock on his head. Kimo had no strength in his fingers. Grabbing our arms, hanging on our back or even climbing trees were impossible to little Kimo who fell off immediately… So, we decided to […]

Nursery 2 Project

The Nursery 2 Project started in 2012 and aimed in building 3 night quarters for the nursery group. These new facilities will be attached to an open air playground and, by means of a tunnel,  will be linked to the Nursery 1 area. We talked about this project already many months ago.   C1= Nursery […]

Zamba, 8 years at J.A.C.K.