Monthly Archives: February 2015

audio and visual enrichment

PICTURE OF THE DAY – enrichment of the environment is necessary to captive animals. This is the reason why our current local volunteer, Karine, is using her artistic and all her do-it-yourself skills to improve everyday’s environment of our hairy friends. Colorful items and shimes are regularly hung all around the open air playgrounds to […]

mud baths

PICTURE OF THE DAY – heavy rains go along with puddles and…mud! But the chimps don’t mind at all and do have so much fun playing and rolling in the mud!!!

Maya, 8 years at JACK

PICTURE OF THE DAY – young female Maya was rescued 8 years ago. Sha was the pet of a Congolese family and was confiscated by DRC Environment officials of the city of Mbuji-Mayi. She is one of the first rescues our sanctuary made in an other DRC province.

‘ Vida-attitude’

PICTURE OF THE DAY – Vida is the name of a little female chimp who got recently very sick (flu outbreak). Today she is doing a lot better and know that Vida is known to strike poses… this is the ‘Vida-attitude’ ๐Ÿ™‚ !!  

Happy Valentine Day

To all our JACK Friends, we hope you’ll have a beautiful Valentine Day!

Mata, the youngest orphan at J.A.C.K.

PICTURE OF THE DAY – baby Mata is the youngest orphan chimpanzee rescued by our sanctuary. He is doing great now and is enjoying life with other young orphans.  

flu at J.A.C.K.

PICTURE OF THE DAY – we were too fortunate any flu outbreak had started so far at J.A.C.K. But the bad weather conditions (heavy rains) have initially lead to runny noses ย and then to the first signs of flu (sneezing, inactivity, loss of appetite, fever, coughs, etc). J.A.C.K. is currently using the drugs it was […]

anything left?

PICTURE OFTHE DAY – enrichment toys are part of the daily routine of our orphans and all toys are always filled with fresh fruit, nuts or any other kind of treats ๐Ÿ™‚ Luna had eaten up all the treats and seemed worried she couldn’t find more… she turnt the toy upside down, looked inside…but nothing […]

sore ankle for Elia?

PICTURE OF THE DAY – is Elia’s ankle sore? No, no, no…our young friend Elia loves all the old socks we provide as enrichment items and, once she has eaten up all the treats, she likes to slip the socks on….

Baby Kaly keeping herself busy

PICTURE OF THE DAY – too much rain these days and we’ve just heard some sneezing which means flu is on its way among the nursery group!!! Last year, at this period of the year, we had had several flu outbreaks already. But so far we have been extremely lucky the bad weather hasn’t affected […]