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Elia & Ekolo

Elia is one of the oldest females we have in the Nursery group and for the last weeks she’s been taking good care of Ekolo, the youngest and most vulnerable member of her group. She acts like a little mother to him,  shares her nest, protects him against the ‘bully’ ones…and, most of all, Elia […]


We have already had some rain now here and during rainy days chimps are kept indoors to prevent flu, coughing, etc… Karine, our volunteer, decided she would bring some music as enrichment to our different groups of chimps as she has noticed classical music keeps the chimps relaxed and calm. When sitting in front of […]

zen attitude

PICTURE OF THE DAY – young male Wimbi decided he’d have nap… not sure he was in a very relaxing posture, bt he fell asleep which made us think Wimbi was enjoying his nap!

funny chimp game

Picture of the day – one of the favourite games of the chimps is the be dragged along by another chimp! On the picture below, playful female Elia is dragging baby Ekolo who seems to have much fun! You can see a big smile on Ekolo’s face!  

evening enrichment

  PICTURE OF THE DAY – at J.A.C.K. , chimps get evening enrichment and today keeper Ngoy is organising old pieces of barks which he’ll enrich with honey, cereals and fruit (pineapple, banana)  

too hot

Several weeks now that temperatures are extremely high at J.A.C.K. (48°C / 118.4F in the sun!), which isn’t normal according to what the people of the Sanctuary say.   Young chimp Africa sweating J.A.C.K. is located southern DRC and there are two seasons: a dry season (max  of 17°C/ 62.6 °F – min 5°C/42°F) and […]

water hoses

Water hoses have a second life at J.A.C.K. since we use them as enrichment items. They represent an interesting tool: filled with rice and vegetables, the chimps have been taught to use a thin wooden stick to collect the treat inside the water hose. Many of our chimp friends never spend time in trying to […]

Kimo, 6 years at JACK

Young Kimo is a chimp from the nursery group. He arrived in November 2008 and had some neurological issues probably due to an accident which occured during his capture.Upon arrival and for several months, the baby primate  had no strength in his fingers. He couldn’t remain on our back nor cling to our arms; climbing […]

audio enrichment

  The chimps living at J.A.C.K. have so far been used to food and to visual enrichment. Today, Karine, a friend of JACK residing in Lubumbashi, is volunteering 3 times a week and she offers the chimps a variety of audio enrichment made of different types of music thanks to an audio adaptor set on […]