Monthly Archives: October 2014

sore hands for baby Mata

Baby Mata is now staying with a few orphan chimps of his age. Since he is now getting bigger, stronger and more self confident, he enjoys playing with the others and hangs, swings in the night quarters just like his friends do. But his skin is still very thin and fragile and young Mata has […]

updates on baby Kaly

Kaly arrived at J.A.C.K. in October 2013 and has settled in very well. She is now living in a small group with other infants of her age.┬áBaby Kaly is a strong and healthy little primate wheighing 10 kgs. She is extremely playful and is always happy and in a good mood. Last Saturday it was […]

Maya not well

Maya is a young chimp female from the main group of orphans living at the Sanctuary. She hasn’t been doing very well recently: she lost a lot of fur, she seemed lethargic and looked depressed. It was therefore decided to sedate her to get some blood samples. The lab results showed a serious anaemia and […]