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good news for today!

Yes, see by yourself on the picture below: Maman Angeline is back!!  We were all too excited having her back with us and even baby Mata panthooted in surprise and happiness. He immediately recognised his surrogate mom – Maman Angeline seemed emotionaly affected of this welcome and thanked us more than 20 times for all […]

nearly 80 % reached!

Yes, dear Friends, thanks to the wonderful kindness of four more donnors, our fundraising is now reaching about 80% !   Many thanks to Cherie B, Kelly J, Marie-Odile R and to Carole R for their wish to help us in these tough times. Angeline’s progress is positive and she still needs 3 more sessions […]

Mata discovering watermelon

As already mentioned, the new orphan is now being taught new flavours. hen he arrived, Mata refused milk and wanted sugar cane and bush oignons only. Today, he likes to have his milk bottles and his appetite is ready for discovery: cheese, yoghurt, cereals, and …watermelon! Sugar cane and bush oignons are no longer on […]

updates on Maman Angeline

Dear Friends, Maman Angeline stayed 3 days in hospital and has started her physiotherapy (10 days). She isn’t doing that well, her wounds are healing up but she feels mentaly fragile since her left leg is extremely sore. We will keep you posted on her progress. But meanwhile we wish to thank some of you […]

Maman Angeline miraculously survived

J.A.C.K. is taking care of 39 chimpanzee orphans and does its best to give its boarders the best. But J.A.C.K. cares  also about its team and their families. J.A.C.K. is a group of people who all work together for the same purpose: the survival of an endangered species. The friends who follow us know about […]

updates on baby Mata

As mentioned previously, baby Mata is the latest arrival of our sanctuary. We don’t know much of his past; the only information we managed to collect is that the young male comes from Kindu (Maniema Province) and that he belonged to someone of the DRC army. Mata arrived several weeks ago in a very bad […]

Endangered Species Day – May 16th 2014

Endangered species need us! Endangered species need you! Will you take a stand?

Mata, new arrival at J.A.C.K.

A new chimp orphan arrived at the sanctuary several days ago: Mata, a young male  a bit older than 1 year old. Weak, déhydrated, extremely thin (4kg) because of malnutrition and very stressed, Mata took a lot of time before accepting his new environment and before realizing a chance of better life was offered to […]

Happy Mothers’ Day