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Fun with Easter baskets!

As mentioned previously, the chimps really loved their Easter baskets. See by yourself how much fun Pundu, Ekolo, Rosie and Tommy had (click on the picture below) …  

Chimp Easter Event

Sorry I didn’t come back earlier, too many issues these days… As many of you know, at Easter,  the orphans of J.A.C.K. had a real good time! But before I give you more details and pictures, you must know that our “Easter bunnies” had a great time too! Early in the morning, Fabienne, Mirko and […]

Happy Easter !

Chimp Easter Event D-1

Sorry I couldn’t talk about this event earlier; we had technical problems on this website. Last Wednesday, we launched the ‘Chimp Easter Event’ to provide the chimps living at J.A.C.K. one day of enrichment items they love (bamboo mats & fruits) as well as one new item they have never seen before: wicker baskets. Some of […]