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developments 2013

J.A.C.K. is a sanctuary saving chimpanzees from the bush meat trade and also from the illegal exotic pet trade.But, to host these growing ape orphans, J.A.C.K. needs help for building and for improving facilities. In 2012, J.A.C.K. started the Nursery 2 Project which is the development of a second nursery area with both a new […]

Valentine 8, 9 & 10: lucky bags everywhere thanks to Christine, Lucette & Marc!

The chimps hadplenty of lucky bags today! Yes, once the treats had been displayed, rain started and ruined most of the enrichment items (lucky bags, carton boxes with fresh guavas inside) which had been set on the external playgrounds. It was too bad! Everything got wet and we started enrichment boxes and lucky bags again […]

Valentine 7 – fun with barrels!

Again, great fun  today! This time, the chimps were offered huge blue barrels which were either hung or displayed on different places of the playgrounds. But when organising the huge barrels on the playgrounds , the keepers and I realised they were too high and that, once set close to the walls or wires,  the […]

Valentine 6 – yummy barks

Organising today’s Valentine enrichment was great fun since all the fruits (pineapples, bananas) were cut in small pieces, mixed with honey and oats!!Also, because I couldn’t find many barks, I decided the trunk of a banana tree would be the same and once all the barks were topped with the yummy jam, all were displayed […]

Valentine 5 – water games !

It’s been raining lots and lots for the last days (weeks !) and we were a bit scared to provide enrichment with water since flu has strikken again at J.A.C.K. and since some of our friends had to be kept indoors for observation and treatment… But we were lucky today to have – at least […]

Valentine 4 – unexpected avalanche of treats from Natalie!

Today’s enrichment was completely different from the others: goodies (peanuts, pop corns,corn flakes and raisins) had been displayed on the external playgrounds as if it had been rainging treats!!! Once the gates were opened, the chimps ran outdoor and stopped at different places to eat and eat and eat all what they found!! They were […]

Valentine 3 – bamboo mats & apples thanks to Fran!

The chimps again, thanks to the kindness of one of their Valentines, were very surprised to leave their night quarters and to discover new decorated playgrounds!!! This time, handmade bamboo mats were fixed all over the place providing the open air facilities a ‘new look’. And apples were hung everywhere as well! Although our boardes […]

Valentine 2 – Chantal

Today, it was “lucky bag day” offered by our friend Chantal. There will be in total 4 days of lucky bag days since 3 more Valentines (Christine C., Lucette P. and Marc H) wanted to offer these items from our Valentine programme and this is the reason why, remember, instead of offering 7 days of […]

Valentine 1 – Chantal & Véronique

Today, thanks to our good friends Chantal & Véronique, the boarders of J.A.C.K. were offered small plastic balls of different colours. But before I tell you how the chimps reacted this morning when discovering their Valentine’ s enrichment, i have to mention that our two keepers, Eddy and Ngoy, were very very excited by the […]

17 Valentines for the chimps!

We all at J.A.C.K. are very pleased  to announce 17 friends wished to be part of the particular project.   The “lucky bags” have been the most succesful and demanded items and we therfore have decided to add 3 extra days of little cloth bags made of natural treats (almonds, raisnins & peanuts). The chimps […]