Monthly Archives: January 2014

enrichment bags

Dear All,   Fabienne and J.A.C.K. friend, Anne, decided they would sew little bags to hide treatson the playgrounds. They therefore took old cloth they cut in small pieces. Anne took her sewing machine and assembled the little bags after Fabienne had filled them with treats (almonds, peanuts and raisins). The two ladies worked a whole […]

rain, rain, rain and… rain!

Dear Friends, This week has been terrible ‘climately’ speaking! Although we had a wonderful sunshine last weekend providing joy and happiness among all our residents, the gloomy weather we have had now for the last days (weeks??) is working on their nerves as the chimps have to be  kept indoors. Also, as J.A.C.K. has been […]

work experience at J.A.C.K.

Dear Friends, J.A.C.K. gave the opportunity to 3 young students (grade 8) to come at the Sanctuary for a short work experience. While most of their friends went to work in companies, Blanche, Paola and Murielle, students of the French school of Lubumbashi, asked J.A.C.K. if they could come and help work at the Sanctuary. […]

sunny Sunday

Dear Friends, We have had so much rain these days and the chimps had to be kept indoors regularly to keep them dry and to prevent more flu. When opening the gates this morning, you could see on their faces they were very happy to have a warm sunshine and a wonderful blue sky welcoming […]

Santa, 2 years…

Yes, all friends who follow us closely do remember baby Santa and her passing two years ago. Time is flying by but can’t fill the emptiness we feel in the deepest of our hearts nor even lighten our sorrow. Santa left us because of an unexpected birth defect revealed during autopsy; she was meant to […]

Swollen face

Dear friends of J.A.C.K., Little Luna is among the youngest chimp orphans we take care of at J.A.C.K. She was introduced in the nursery group in August 2012 and has settled in without any problem. When checking the chimps from head to toe the other day, I noticed Luna had a red spot just left […]

Quotation of the day

Forever friends!

Dear all,   Zamba and Doguy are two young chimpanzees of the same age and they haven’t been separated since their arrival in 2007 because they had their quarantine together and then, a few months later they were introduced together into the main group. Both primates were rescued by J.A.C.K. in 2007. Zamba had been […]


Dear All, Franck had to travel several times to Kinshasa these last weeks and he of course couldn’t stay in the capital without going to the bonobo sanctuary of Lola. It is always a pleasure visiting Claudine André and the Lola ya Bonobo team and it also forges stronger links between our two sanctuaries.   […]