Monthly Archives: December 2013

2014 resolutions

Dear All, 2013 is nearly at the end. Let the orphan chimps rescued by J.A.C.K. be part of your 2014 resolutions: do not only care about THEM, but, please, donate, become a member of J.A.C.K. (20USD/year) or adopt an orphan chimp (15USD/month). Every little bit is of great support! Help JACK give THEM the best! […]


Dear Friends,   A few lines just to tell you we are safe and well. Gunshots lasted about 5 hours yesterday and created much chaos near J.A.C.K. The chimps were kept indoors and were scared. But no one was hurt: humans and chimps at J.A.C.K. are doing fine and today things were quiet again… Many […]

“Les Amis de JACK” (LAJA)

Dear readers,   JACK is pleased to announce you the creation of its little sister named “Les Amis de JACK” (Friends of JACK), a charity located in the Ariège (South of France) whose principal aim is to collect funds for our DRC Sanctuary. Since the early beginning, J.A.C.K. has always had several French donors and […]

Ambassador of France at J.A.C.K.

Dear All,   A few days ago, we had the opportunity to meet Monsieur Luc HALLADE, the Ambassador of France  of the DRC. Knowing Monsieur the Ambassador was staying only for 2-3 days in Lubumbashi, we never expected Monsieur HALLADE  would take some of his precious time to come and visit J.A.C.K.. Our special guest […]

Curious chimps

Yes, some of you are right: the small group was staring at… baby Kaly who was following me too ! Maïka and then male Pasa stood for hours at the fence observing and exchanging vocalises with the little one who wasn’t scared at all! Kaly likes to see the ‘big’ ones and vocalises a lot […]

Season’s Greetings from J.A.C.K. Sanctuary


Dear Friends of J.A.C.K., Things look a bit brighter here at J.A.C.K. as flu is almost gone and since most of our boarders do feel a lot better!!! Yesterday, when having a walk around the fences and checking if each and every member of the nursery group was doing fine, a few chimps walked with […]

cats and dogs?

Dear All, Rainy season started now about a month ago and there has been so much rainfall for the last weeks that the annual runny noses started too! The flu outbreak began in the main group with Joma and Wanza. They first sneezed, coughed and although we immediately isolated them, other group members got sick […]

Adopt Kaly!

Dear All, Baby Kaly is the latest chimpanzee orphan rescued by J.A.C.K. and is now with some of her friends on the list of the chimpanzee adoption program of J.A.C.K.! So, should you wish to follow her closely for a minimum of 6 months and support J.A.C.K. in providing this little one the best, join […]

updates on the green garden

Dear Friends,   It seems we don’t have much luck… Our green garden looks terrible 🙁 Yes, because we refuse to use any chemicals, little insects do love to stay in our green house thus giving us a real nightmare.  Most of the crops have been ruined despite our constant work and attention. Tomatoes have […]