Monthly Archives: November 2013

Zoo of La Palmyre supporting JACK

The Zoo of La Palmyre is located in France and has been supporting J.A.C.K. since 2009. Its donations have helped our sanctuary improve the living conditions of our boarders (building nests & night rooms and developping the first steps of a volunteer camp) and this year the French Zoo decided it would participate in the […]

today’s enrichment!

Dear All, The chimps of our different groups were very lucky this morning as there was a varied choice in enrichment items! They had: – their daily fresh green leaves to eat and to play with, – small pieces of oranges as well as small wild fruit called ‘masuku‘ (Uapaca kirkiana)were hidden all around the […]

Baby Kaly adjusting

Dear Friends, Baby Kaly was rescued on October 11th and we can say that she is doing well and that she has settled in very quickly.¬†She was slightly dehydrated when she arrived and she showed some signs of malnutrition too. But Kaly is back on her feet again and is a very healthy little one! […]