Monthly Archives: October 2013

Arson again at J.A.C.K.!

Dear Friends,   Several weeks ago, we had a huge fire at J.A.C.K., a criminal act aimed to harm our sanctuary. Yes, just before the arsonist(s) set fire, he (they?) ¬†intentionaly broke the main water pipe of J.A.C.K. ¬†twice ( the pipe that provides the whole centre with water) to be sure the team won’t […]

carton boxes

Dear Friends of J.A.C.K., Enrichment is part of our daily activities at J.A.C.K. since it is important to keep the chimps busy and to bring them regularly new enrichment items in their facilities. So, this time, we thought about organising carton boxes here and there in the outside playgrounds to see the reactions of our […]

Kaly, new arrival at J.A.C.K.

Yes, dear Friends of J.A.C.K., Our sanctuary welcomed a new orphan the day after Kala’s passing. Late in the afternoon a man came at the gates of our sanctuary with a young female chimpanzee. He came to hand over the chimp at J.A.C.K. as he had been trying to sell the primate for weeks and […]

Farewell, Kala!

Dear Friends,   Exhausted and extremely weak, our young friend Kala left us a few days ago and is now in peace with JAK, TOUZO, IKIA and baby SANTA. Necropsy revealed pulmonary issues as well as intestinal and cardiac problems. We are now waiting for more details… Farewell, dear Kala! We are happy we met […]

updates on Kala

Dear All, A new treatment started last week for Kala and the only noticeable progress so far is that he is eating a bit more than before. He is having his short walks in the open air and he also ineteracts more vocaly with his friends from the main group. Treatment will continue for one […]