Monthly Archives: September 2013

Sugar cane day!

Hello Friends of J.A.C.K.,   Although young Kala has been our main priority for several weeks now, we have never set aside all the other chimpanzees of our Sanctuary who also need us! Today, was sugar cane day at J.A.C.K. Because we grow these long sweet sticks at the sanctuary, it’s very easy collect fresh […]

Kala out for a walk

Dear Friends of J.A.C.K.,   Many thanks to you all who have sent us your positive thoughts and recovery blessings for young Kala! ¬†Know that your kind words encourage us keeping the fight against Kala’s health problems! As mentioned previously, Kala doesn’t eat much and only wants to have fresh water. We can’t get him […]

Kala badly sick

No good news for today, dear Friends!   Kala is a young male chimpanzee of about 9 years old. He’s been with us since March 2005. Our young friend was isolated a month ago because of sudden weight loss. Kala had a runny ¬†tummy and looked extremely depressed. At first, salmonella was diagnosed . Treatment […]