Monthly Archives: June 2013

using tools

Dear Friends,   Tika is one of the young chimpanzee males rescued by the sanctuary and he is the oldest chimp of the nursery group. He really enjoys the enrichment  set every day by Fabienne and we were glad to see he had found himself a thin wooden stick in order to reach the small […]

Merci, Franck !

Dear Friends,   Our sanctuary was offered pediatric treatments against flu: FERVEX powder which is a combination of Paracetamol and Vitamine C to provide kids just when the first signs of flu appear. Our very kind donor is a French friend named Franck Goddard who is an ape lover regularly helping other great apes sanctuaries in […]

Kina, eye issues – again !

Dear All,   Remember, end of last year, I told you the story of young female KINA undergoing severe eye issues. Today, again, her left eye is showing some irritation, and the iris as well as the pupil are getting white. Our vet being abroad, we try to give Kina the best treatments and are […]

hunting till the last treat

Dear Friends, Every morning, food is hidden in the open air facilities so that the chimps search and ‘hunt’ for their food. This activity sometimes last for hours and keeps them all extremely busy as food is hidden in different places every day. But then comes the moment nothing is left and the chimps keep […]

Luna settled in

Dear Friends,   Baby Luna was introduced last year in August. Today, she is the youngest chimp of her group and most of her chimp friends do like her and it’s mainly Africa and Elia, the two eldest females of the group who take good care of her!     We are very happy to […]

Vida, 3 years at J.A.C.K. !

Yes, 3 years already that our sanctuary rescued this young female. Remember how tiny she was…. read her story again on following link http://jack.wildlifedirect.org/2010/07/15/vida-the-33rd-confiscated-chimpanzee-handed-over-to-j-a-c-k/     J.A.C.K.

J.A.C.K. not only rescues chimps!

Dear All,   Yes, I believe this small bat was lucky! It was found stuck inside our office the other day and Franck managed to catch it in order to relesae it at the sanctuary.   We released it just before dark to be sure it could still fly… and flew straight up in the […]

‘traffic jam’ on termite hill

Dear Friends of J.A.C.K., Yesterday, most of the youngsters of the chimp nursery group were gathered around the fake termite hill because we had organised their favourite treat inside: some honey and some strawberry jam …   All had small sticks to ‘fish’ for the treat except young female Maïka who decided she would steal […]