Monthly Archives: May 2013

the green house

Dear Friends, The project of the green garden has been mainly sponsored by a South African company: MARKET TO AFRICA. Veggies are now growing everywhere but not in sufficient quantities as, remember, 120 kgs of food are needed every day for the chimpanzee and galago boarders living and rescued by J.A.C.K. !The aim of the […]

the 1st wild figs of the year

Dear friends,   Our sanctuary hosts a few wild fig trees and their fruit are one of the favorite treats of the chimps! That’s the reason why we regularly keep an eye on these trees as once the fruits are ripe, we must collect them very fast before the birds eat them all…. Today, our […]

Baby Tommy is a real acrobat!

Dear Friends of J.A.C.K, See by yourself how ¬†Tommy has now become an amazing acrobat! Remember, Tommy was de baby with osteomyelitis… Today, this little ape is enjoying life in his nursery group and is a young chimpanzee like all his other friends! The footage below will show you how he’s now playing on top […]

bad tooth infection for SEKI

Dear friends,   Seki is among the young males we have in the main group. A few days ago, in the morning, his mouth was totally swollen on the upper right side. His temperature was fine, but we could see it was painful as Seki was very quiet and isolated himself from the others. ¬† […]

many thanks to our J.A.C.K. team

Dear All,   Today, 1st of May, is Labour Day, and we wish to thank our team which works every day at the sanctuary in order to give the rescued orphans the best. Serge and Pierre are the two people in charge of our green house:thanks to their hard work J.A.C.K. provides fresh vegetable to […]

little ones ‘fishing’ honey

Dear Friends, This short footage just to show you how the young rescued chimp of our nursery group do enjoy selecting stick to ‘fish’ for honey . Every morning, we fill the fake ant hill with treats so that the orphans keep their instinct of hunting for food…   embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt Even […]