necklaces to save chimpanzees

Dear Friends,

Chela House is a member of J.A.C.K. and has been supporting the Sanctuary. for the last two years. Several months ago, she decided she would do something to help the chimps we have rescued and she therefore  started creating handmade necklaces by using trellis yarns and glass beads.

colourful handmade necklaces

colourful handmade necklaces

Chela doesn’t make the necklaces alone: Gail and Aliya are two of her frieds helping her making the necklaces and who also participate to fairs to collect funds for the chimps living at J.A.C.K. !

Chela House, Aliya and Gail selling necklaces on a fair

Chela House, Aliya and Gail selling necklaces on a craft fair

These beautiful necklaces cost 15$ each and can be puchased from Chela House. Know that 100% of the purchase goes straight to our Sanctuary in the DRC!  If you are interested, you can contact Chela House on her facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/chela.house

selling necklaces and talking about J.A.C.K.

selling necklaces and talking about J.A.C.K.

The chimps at J.A.C.K. are extremely blessed to have friends like Chela House, Aliya and Gail as the sanctuary of J.A.C.K. lives on donations only. Without good friends like them, J.A.C.K. wouldn’t be able to make the difference in such hard country like the DRC!

thank you!

Thank YOU again and again, Chela House, Aliya and Gail for caring and for loving THEM! Your patience and generosity not only bring these creatures a better life but they also give them  the hope that more and more people will be interested in their future!

Merci beaucoup!



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