Kina’s eyes – update

Remember, dear Friends, Kina had severe eye issues several weeks ago and had to be isolated to provide the needed care and attention.


Kina before

Kina before

Today, as already mentioned, Kina enjoys life again in her group and her eyes are doing extremely well. The use of a particular ointment (MAXITROL eye ointment – ALCON)  donated to JACK by the World Veterinary Service ( W.V.S. ) has given excellent results.

Kina today

Kina today

Many thanks to our team who followed Kina closely, to our vet Jean Claude, and many thanks too to Tessa and the W.V.S. team who sent us this magic ointment as well as so many other drugs!



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2 comments on “Kina’s eyes – update

  1. Justin on said:

    What a great end to Kina’s story. Keep up the good work.

  2. Bernadette on said:

    Kina’s eyes are looking really good! Thank you for always doing such a great job and keeping us all updated.

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