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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!!

letter to Santa !

So far, nearly $ 1,500.00 has been donated thanks to the kind support of Su & Greg, Chantal J. and her friend Laila, Amy M., Nathalie W., Patti C., Fran B., Diane A., Andrea J., Jackie M. and Christine C. ! But unfortunately, more funds are needed… so, please, should you be able to donate; […]

Kina joining back her group!

Yes, dear Friends, this is wonderful news: young female Kina who was recently suffering of severe eye infection is now back in her group which we hope will help her recover totally! Because Kina’s eyes had been terribly swollen and because she had been kept isolated in a semi-dark quarantine facility, Kina pulled away some […]

goodies for the chimps – thank YOU, Kelly!

Dear Friends, Kelly lives in Australia . She is a vet student and wishes to work one day with primates. Earlier this year, she decided she would do something to help J.A.C.K. and therefore started collecting vitamins. In a few weeks time, Kelly’s package was ready: she had gatheredĀ  1 year of kid vitamins for […]

severe eye infection for Kina

Dear Friends, Kina is a young female chimpĀ  rescued in April 2007. She has never shown any particular diseases nor has she ever had eye issues before… that’s why we are extremely surprised to see how fast the eye infection progressed! Our vet sedated her immediately: Kina’s eyes were too swollen, too infected and he […]

October donations: boots, outfits, gloves, and fruits!

Dear All, This is an update on the donations you sent to J.A.C.K. end of last October in order to help us buying new boots for our team to start the rainy season ! Our sanctuary was donated more than expected and wish to share with you the different expenses that have been made thanks […]