Monthly Archives: November 2012

updates on green garden

Dear All, First rains should  start end of October, but it seems that the climate is undergoing huge changes all over the world!! Here in Lubumbashi we have had only 4 days of rain so far  which is very unusual… These few rains occurred the week we had no power and no water. We were lucky […]

Ekolo getting more independent!

Dear Friends, Since Luna was introduced last August, the dominant and ‘big brother’ Tika has been more interested in Luna’s introduction into his group and Ekolo seemed to have been set aside slowly by slowly… Tika has always been considered as a ‘big brother’ because he has always taken much care of the very little […]

power and water issues at the Sanctuary

Power installations of our DRC city date from the 1960’s and because local authorities have decided to fix and renew most of  the power stations at once we have had huge power and water issues for the last weeks! Therefore we have been struggling with power and water issues for the last days… Water has […]