Monthly Archives: October 2012

Océane, “Miss Strawberry”

Dear All,   Let me introduce you Océane, young Belgian girl living in Lubumbashi and extremely passionate about J.A.C.K. ! A few months ago, she decided she would do something to help the orphan chimps residing at our sanctuary and, together with her Mum Eva, she has planted strawberries in our green garden to provide treats for […]

tyres, useful enrichment !

Dear Friends, Not many words will be needed to make you understand how old tyres can turn into interesting enrichment tools for chimps. You’ll see by yourselves that each orphan of our sanctuary is keeping himself or herself busy while playing with the tyres we have set all over the open air playground of the nursery […]

thank you for your donations

YES! Several of you kindly responded last week to our appeal regarding the purchase of new strong rubber boots for our caregivers. Many thanks to the friends below who donated: Alain Schepkens (50 usd), Kelly Jackson (50 usd), Catherine Mollineaux (100 usd), Christine Cichetti (100 usd), Wanda Harris (25 usd),  Elianne Eychenne (30 Euros), Mathilde & Sébastien Moro (30 […]

please, rubber boots for our J.A.C.K. team. THANK YOU !

Yes, rainy season is coming soon and the 7 members of our team really need new strong boots. If you think you can donate and offer our team  good boots, please, join us on the Paypal button on top right of this webpage. Many thanks for what you can do for our caregivers!!!   J.A.C.K.

Tika between Luna and Ekolo

Now that baby Luna is in the nursery group, Tika, the “big brother” is over-protecting her but can’t leave Ekolo aside. Remember, before Luna was introduced, Tika was taking good care of Ekolo who had been badly sick, isolated for several months and then put back into Tika’s group. Today, Tika has given himself a […]