Monthly Archives: August 2012

Tongo rescued 4 years ago…

Yes,  it’s been 4 years now that this young male was recued by Gorilla.cd  and DRC wildlife authorities and sent to J.A.C.K. Since the early beginning, Tongo has always been extremely sociable as well as a very a good friend to all the chimps of his group…some of you will remember the footage we made 2 […]


Young female Vida arrived at the sanctuary in June 2010 and is now enjoying life with her little friends of the nursery group. However, despite the fact Vida is a very sociable chimpanzee, we now can see that she really likes to stay on her own…. Yes, every day, Vida loves to climb high up […]

Pundu & Dian plotting

If I can give you some advice, well, please, never leave things close to the fence: chimps are too curious and will always try to run away with your belongings !! When checking the electrical fences yesterday I also took the opportunity to make nice pictures of the nursery group. Pundu and Dian were far […]


Hello dear Friends, We hope you are all well… Today, we’ll talk about Bapu, a young female we rescued 3 years ago. We hadn’t much hope as the baby chimp was totaly dehydrated and had gone through severe malnutrition…. It is the first chimp we saw eating grass; she was doing very bad… We did […]

Kimo teaching Maïka

Hi everyone, Kimo and Maïka are two young orphans from our nursery group and they get on very well together. Because the weather was quite hot in the afternoon the other day, they were both sitting next to the pond and Kimo seemed to teach his friend how to drink water with a small twig. […]

Happy birthday, Wimbi!

Yes, today, it’s been 5 years we rescued Wimbi from a high ranking person who had Wimbi as a pet…. When he arrived, Wimbi was healthy and extremely social. He has now become a real member of our main chimp group and although he has showed us several times he has a good heart, Wimbi […]

good news for Tommy

Hi All, Most of you who are following us must still have in mind the sad story of Tommy the baby chimp we rescued in 2010 and who had had a pellet gone through the right humerus. Today, 2 years after Tommy arrived, his arm is doing a lot better and the bone is still recovering! […]

Thank you, Chantal !

Dear friends of J.A.C.K., This is a special post dedicated to a special person: Chantal. Yes, we can say at J.A.C.K. that we are extremely blessed to have met Chantal several years ago as since 2007 she has always been of great help and support!!! Being a volunteer at J.A.C.K. when she was living in […]

updates on Ekolo

Dear All,   Ekolo is now enjoying life in his group. Look at the pictures below and you’ll understand that the little one is doing great! J.A.C.K.  

big trouble for Shasa

Dear Friends,   Shasa, the dominant female of our main group, really had problems a few days ago and the vet had to be called in emergency. Yes, Shasa is now losing canines (chimps have to sets of teeth just like humans) and the upper left canine didn’t fall off by itself. So, the young female […]