Monthly Archives: June 2012

good news for “Chibo” the bonobo

      – Dear All, Do you remember “Chibo”, the young bonobo J.A.C.K. rescued 2 years ago in Lubumbashi? “Chibo” was kept on a farm here in Lubumbashi and the day J.A.C.K. rescued the primate it was to send it to the bonobo sanctuary of Lola ya Bonobo  in Kinshasa. This is how “Chibo” […]

minor intervention for Zamba

Dear Friends,    Zamba is among the oldest females of our sanctuary but is still the youngest of our main group run by Mwisho. Our sanctuary is rescueing chimpanzees resulting from the bushmeat and pet trade and because our aim is to give them a chance to be among other chimps but not to breed them, we […]

Ekolo back in his group!

  Dear Friends, Good news for today! Remember, I promised last week I would update on Ekolo’s introduction. Everything went very well. It took sometime because it was actually Ekolo who didn’t want the others to come near and he showed fear on his face many times.   But it was as if Tika understood […]

Ekolo gave us too much trouble

Dear All Sometimes tough things happen in life that are so hard you can’t even talk about it. It was the case of Santa’s passing for example about which I couldn’t even speak about as it was extremely painful. Ekolo’s story is far different from Santa’s, but it gave us sleepless nights and too many worries, […]