Monthly Archives: May 2012

Washu’s breakfast

Dear Friends, Washu is the eldest boarder at J.A.C.K.. he is estimated to be 10 and weighs now more than 48 kgs…. This young ape arrived at J.A.C.K. in december 2010 after having lived for years on a farm outside the city of Lubumbashi. Washu is a very kind chimp, extremely playfull and is always […]

Baby Luna not well

Dear Friends of JACK, I hope you are all doing fine. Here, at JACK, things are ok except that Luna has started flu and that she has now been isolated from the others for about a week now. She first had a runny nose and coughed sometimes…. This lasted  about  a few days when suddenly,fever arose […]

J.A.C.K. orphans inspired friends

Dear All, The orphan chimpanzees residing at our sanctuary have recently inspired good friends who drew the pictures of some of the younger ones. See by yourself and enjoy the pencil work and the different artistic styles…. 1/ Béa M. (France) – Nalia & Tommy – baby Luna 2/Marielle B. (France) – young male Kimo – […]

Santa, an Angel now with the Angels

**************************************** Blog en Français, cliquez ici **************************************** Dear All, This is a sad story to share with you. I know, the tragedy happened several weeks ago, but it took me quite a lot of time to feel ‘ready’ to talk about what happened to four-year-old Santa. Santa has gone. Yes, Santa was found without life one morning when I arrived […]